Flashing ClockWorkMod for ZTE Acqua

This guide explains on how to flash ClockWorkMod for ZTE Acqua.  Generally ClockWorkMod is a third-party Recovery Tool that allows you to flash or upgrade your Android easily. You could basically unlock the potential of your android device. It allows you to perform a full backup of your device. On top of that it allows us to upgrade our Android version to 4.1.2. Yes , that’s right folks it is possible for us to upgrade to Android 4.1 and enjoy the new benefits as well. Even if you do not plan to upgrade , you could use this tool to easily root your device which unlocks a whole new chapter (more after the jump)


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How To Root ZTE Acqua & Any Android Phones

Remember the review that I posted on ZTE Acqua. Yep , I am now using it as a secondary phone for my work purpose. Now , ZTE Acqua works perfectly as a normal Android phone , however I want to take it further. What’s the point of using Android phones when you are unable to customize it ? In this guide I show you on how to root ZTE Acqua and any other android phone that runs Android 4.0 and above. Before we get into how to root let us take a look at the purpose of rooting
Why Root ?
The purpose of rooting is  slightly different from jailbreaking (iPhone) . In iPhone , the reason why you jailbreak is to overcome the limitation of iOS itself , but the reason you want to root is to make the most of the phone itself. Mostly the reasons why Android device are rooted is to allow you to access the flash memory chip (the operating system). This allows us to modify core files. In my case , I’ve managed to install Xperia launcher on my ZTE Acqua as my default launcher. Plus it allows me to customize and remove bloated applications from the ROM. For instance , ZTE Acqua comes with some bundled stuff like Google+ , Chrome which are installed in ROM. I have managed to remove them and install Google Now.
KEEP in mind that rooting your device may void the warranty 
So how do I root ?
This simple guide shows you could root. This method works with most of the phones out there and I have tested and it works with my ZTE Acqua. The method seems universal for all Android 4.x phones. All you have to do is to follow this guide located at XDA-Developers. You would probably have to register first in order to download the file.
Just follow the simple guide , be sure that you have installed ADB Drivers for it and be sure to turn on Android Debugging functionality for the device. If you need help on turning it on , refer to this guide .
I have included a video tutorial [ Credits : BluechipJ]  for people who prefer a video step-by-step guide on how to root their device
So where do I go from here ?
XDA-Developers is a great place to check out if you haven’t been. You’ll find tons of customization and even tweak. For starters you may want to get Pimp my ROM [Google Play Store]application . You can pretty much tweak your phone , and may even improve your performance and even unlock hidden things in your phone.  In my next guide , I would probably share the things that I have tweaked in my ZTE Acqua if folks are interested

We Have a Winner for ZTE Acqua V880E !

Good news everybody. Finally the server is up and running and I have managed to run the draw and post it properly. It seems that the server was having some hardware issues but it is all up and running now. The good news is we have a Winner and Congralutions to
Nik Ezani
I’ll be contacting you shortly to get your details. If you are curious how the winner is picked , it is simple , I put all your names into (according to the date which you have posted and whose answers are correct) into pastebin  and random number between 1 to 42 is choosen (Notice the numer 42 , it is the answer to life , galaxy and everything else). Afterwards , I generated a random number using Random.org (with that following parameters). Voila , Number 16 was selected (and a screenshot is attached) . The number was generated on 2012-12-20 , 10.44 AM (+8 GMT)

Number 16 is the winner
Number 16 is the winner

I’ll be contacting our winner here , suppose if he is unreacable , I would conduct another draw. To the rest of the participants , thank you very much for participating in my first ever giveaway. I hope in the future that there will be more epic give-away
Oh yes if you are a sponsor and plan to do giveaway , feel free to contact me as I could organize one for my reader

ZTE Acqua V880E Smartphone X-Mas Giveaway

Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas . Do you want to win a cool-looking smartphone which is pretty straight forward and simple , without the need of sharing it in your Facebook Wall or doing some sort of ritual ? If so you have stepped into the right place !

This is the first giveaway that I’m doing in my site and I would like to thank ZTE Malaysia Sdn Bhd for sponsoring this prize. Well , what is the price you ask – Well it is a ZTE Acqua V880E Smartphone. It is simple and straight forward – No need to spam your Facebook Wall or Twitter to win. It is simple and straight forward – just like how I write my articles. What are you waiting for ? Still reading this – Skip it and read the fun part below
So What On Earth is a ZTE Acqua V880E Smartphone ? 

Don’t be clouded in the world of Samsung , Apple and Blackberries. ZTE produces telecommunication related stuff. Recently they have ventured into consumer products and one of their products is the ZTE Acqua V880E Smartphone. Let us take a look at the specifications of the ZTE Acqua V880E :-

  • 4-inch TFT capacitive touchscreen
  • Android OS v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
  • 1Ghz single core Qualcomm MSM7227A Snapdragon CPU
  • 4 GB storage(2.5GB accessible), supports up to 32 GB microSD, 512 MB RAM
  • 3MP camera autofocus, LED flash, 0.3MP front camera
  • Bluetooth 2.1, WiFi, AGPS/GPS, HSPA(7.2Mbps)
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • 1650mAh battery

This phone is worth RM 699 (Suggested Retail Price) and you can grab it for free by entering this very simple contest which I am organizing for the holidays (yes , you may call me Santa if you wish)
It looks so cool …so how  do we enter ?
It is simple , all you have to do is :-
1. Like ZTE Malaysia Facebook Page (It is important that you like them)
2. Answer the following questions and complete the slogan and post them as a comment on this entry
Q1 – When was the ZTE Acqua launched in Malaysia?
Q2 – Which version of the Android operating system comes preloaded on the ZTE Acqua V880E smartphone?
Slogan :- I want ZTE Acqua because ……
HINT HINT : You can find the answers in ZTE Malaysia Facebook page or via Google 😛 
3. Just keep your fingers crossed !
4. ?????
5. PROFIT ! (if you are the chosen one)
So…How is the winner selected ? 
I love being transparent on this. As long you have answered Q1 and Q2 correctly and your slogan is creative (as long it is not the generic ones like I want ZTE Acqua because it is awesome) . I will compile them into a list and feed it to the random number generator (I would be using Random.org)  . The random picker would pick a winner. It is simple as that and it would be made transparent. In sense the random number generator result will be posted on this blog
Terms & Conditions (The Legal stuff)

  • It is only for Malaysians residing in Malaysia (Sorry – International Readers !)
  • The winner would not have to pay a cent for shipping and handling and the phone would be delivered to anywhere in Malaysia
  • The Winner’s name along with the Random Sequence would be published publicly.
  • Suppose if the winner is not contactable within 48 hours after the draw , a new winner would be selected
  • You need to ensure that your NAME (at least your First Name)  in Facebook and e-mail that you use to “like” in Facebook matches my record. Failure to do so may result in disqualification 
  • THIS CONTEST WOULD RUN FROM 11th December – 18th December 2012 

Privacy Policy
As a computer science graduate and as a blog owner , I know I hate spams and I treasure your data as well . So please kindly read our Privacy Policy on how we collect data and how we store them. For winners , basically I would collect your address , full name (as in IC) and your contact details. These information would be supplied to ZTE in order for them to send you the phone via parcel. Your information would be kept private and your e-mail address would not be used for spams or bad things (you have my word on that !)
Oh one more thing
Winner has been selected ! – Read more here
Good luck and once again “May the Force be with you” !