Yes4G – The "Yes" or "No" ?

Recently , Yes4G was launched in Malaysia. If you’re wondering what Yes4G is all about , basically its Voice + Messaging (SMS) + Data in one service and it follows the same principle on how the power company (TNB) and water company charges you. Its pay as you go , which simply means pay as you go. It sounds pretty good right , I mean if you use it , you pay it. Let’s get more in-depth shall we
However things did not turn out the way for Yes4G. I feel very bad for YTL. For instance their website were heavily attacked by hackers via DoS (Denial of service). Think of it as being a call centre representative and everyone who calls you , hang up immediately . What would you feel ? Its the same thing. I understand that part. Anyway the thing is that in business , we must be able to recover from disasters and sadly I don’t think Yes did not anticipate such things would happen. I am willing to forgive them but it would certainly give a bad first impression those who plan to migrate (more after the jump)
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