Yes 4G Go Review – Part 1

There are tons of broadband providers in Malaysia. The ones that offer fast speed broadbands are generally fixed line and then you have wireless broadband – traditionally wireless broadband are pretty much provided by Mobile Service Operators in Malaysia except for one or two. But what if you want mobility and speed together – this is where Yes4G has come into play ! Let me put into test to see how good is go as a mobile broadband service

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yesLife app for iOS & yes service feedback

Recently , YES (a mobile/internet provider in Malaysia) launched their voIP software for iPad , iPhone and iPod Touch users. It allows you to get a Malaysian 018 Number for free (in other words a Malaysian Cellular Number) which allows you to place calls virtually anywhere in Malaysia and as well as rest of the world.  Its pretty much like Skype  except the  call rates are cheaper
Currently they are offering a free 14 day trial with MYR 5 credit on your account. However you are requirded to sign up from your iDevice. You are required to fill your personal details (this includes passport number/Malaysian Identity card number (if you are a malaysian)). I strongly encourage you for those who are looking to make free calls to Malaysia and elsewhere , grab this opportunity now. (more after the jump)
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