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[How To Guide] Installing XBMC for PC [Windows/Mac]

I’ve gotten huge responses from Twitter on the guide I have written for Raspberry Pi and how to watch TV for Free.

It’s basically simple and straight forward 🙂

First thing first , you need to go to XBMC Official Site and download XBMC , which you can get it from here . Download for the correct platform

Once you have done that , you may start following my guide here from enabling AirPlay and to change the theme to AppleTV Theme

After you have done that , read my guide on addons.

That’s about it

Must Have XBMC Addons to Pimp Up Your Raspberry Pi

Got a Pi ? Managed to transform it into an AppleTV ? Cool , now we can take it further by turning our Raspberry Pi into a media center which allows us to watch football , movies and all and on demand. Best of all you are in control and it is for FREE.


You may finally get rid of ASTRO or probably use it as a secondary ASTRO (Cable/Satellite TV) (more after the jump)

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