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Demetrox Server and I – The Journey has just begun !


Demetrox Core server - http://www.demetrox.com
Demetrox Core server - http://www.demetrox.com


Ha, I guess Its been ages since I’ve spoken regarding my part time job. Besides being uh you know what (read my profile if you want to know whats my occupation or you should add me to Facebook to see my 10001 faces and colours of me – Okay I am promoting myself I admit). Today , I would just like to say on my part time job. I am the co-founder of Demetrox Sever , along with Chemitrox, Suresh, Espeon, Emocore, Cinderella and Exia. Few people , started up a WoW Server. Big Deal ! – Yeah right. At first it wasn’t easy as there were other private servers around in the asian region and to be more precise – Malaysian Region. Mainly when people play in private servers , they choose a server that has more players , less bugs and friendly GMs. Those are their criteria when choosing a private server. Read on to know more on my thoughts and comments on private servers in general

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Really Pro Warcraft Player

Last time , I was a moderator in ascent community forums and a helper (that was back then before Burlex decided to start Summit – I’ll blog on my life on being an administrator and a GM of private servers). anyway , where was I. Click this screenshot and just see it for yourself. Don’t blame me if you fell off from your chair !
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*Drums Roll* – Read more for my spoiler and on my views on this artist expression ! – I call it artist as it has aesthetic values ! 

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