[Giveaway] Game of your choice

The great folks over at Cheap Digital Download, decided to sponsor a giveaway and I’m trilled to host it. We are giving you a chance to take your pick. That’s great , any game that you want from never-ending list of collection in Cheap Digital Download. If you’re that lucky winner , that particular game is yours !
Who knows ,  you could probably walkaway with the latest AAA title out there for your PC , that you always wanted to but couldn’t able to afford it
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New Entry + GTA IV Madness

It has been like I dont know how long I have not updated my blog post.Thats the disadvantage of blogging , its that you got to keep it up to date otherwise people think that you’re dead. It needs to be mainted from time to time. Well what am I up to currently :-

  • Facebook – Seriously , I am addicted to facebooks. My friends are using it and its great to know what they are doing it currently. Actually I am in it for World Domination. The more the merrier
  • GTA IV – Oh yeah I am loving this game. seriously , it works best on my Pentium D. I’ll try to post up tutorial on how to speed up and such . Finished the game
  • Fallout 3 – Another epic game. I am not a fallout fan myself but this game seriously kicks-ass. Good storyline but then it crashes every now and then. The developers have failed to provide any sort of update for us , Asian versions. The non-US version update fails for an odd reason.

As the old saying goes “Pictures or it didn’t happen”. Here you guys , go a picture of my GTA IV DVD Cover. Will post later for fallout :P(If I’ve the time)

Grand Theft Auto IV DVD
Grand Theft Auto IV DVD - Its hot baby...Oh no , must resist

Time for me to show off (boast) a bit with my Windows! Live gaming card. This shows what I’ve done in game and stuff like that. You can compare it with me 😛 – Oh yeah , I love to boast a bit here and that. Not my character thought , I am just posting here so that I can make even new friends , who knows 😛

You can get yours from http://mygamercard.net

Demetrox Server and I – The Journey has just begun !


Demetrox Core server - http://www.demetrox.com
Demetrox Core server - http://www.demetrox.com

Ha, I guess Its been ages since I’ve spoken regarding my part time job. Besides being uh you know what (read my profile if you want to know whats my occupation or you should add me to Facebook to see my 10001 faces and colours of me – Okay I am promoting myself I admit). Today , I would just like to say on my part time job. I am the co-founder of Demetrox Sever , along with Chemitrox, Suresh, Espeon, Emocore, Cinderella and Exia. Few people , started up a WoW Server. Big Deal ! – Yeah right. At first it wasn’t easy as there were other private servers around in the asian region and to be more precise – Malaysian Region. Mainly when people play in private servers , they choose a server that has more players , less bugs and friendly GMs. Those are their criteria when choosing a private server. Read on to know more on my thoughts and comments on private servers in general
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