Protecting your WordPress against signups !

Lately , I have been noticing that a lot of people are registring in my blog. These don’t seem to be like genuine users but rather hackers and spambots trying to register in my blog as subscriber (I did not even notice that I ticked the option for folks to register) . This isn’t so great because I am worried about folks trying to hack into the system as you do know that if we leave a door opened , chances are someone would try their best to “Crack” into it and do an havoc. This is what happened to my friend , HeHeHunter with his blog whereby a hacker managed to get in and “delete” his data ! Luckily he had a backup for him to restore (Thank cPanel for that !).

Just about everyday I get notices on new user registration. These users don't seem to be like genuine users but rather sounds like to be spambots

So today I’ll be teaching you on how to disable it. Its pretty simple actually , so if you are the sole writer of the blog (like me) , then you don’t need to have people to register to your “blog” just to get updates. If they want to get updates of the blog , they could do it via FeedBurner or just subscribe to RSS feeds and such !
Untick the 'Anyone can Register' checkbox !

First thing first , login to your WordPress configuration menu and go to Settings (General Settings) and simply untick the “Anyone can register”. Now that saves you the hassle from annymous , spambots , potential hackers from registering and try to get into your system. It just makes it harder for them to crack into. Not to mention that with the numbers of scripts that are growing in the Internet , anyone could basically use it and hack into the system. These folks are known as script-kiddies . So why should we give way to them. So if you care about your content and your blog , its best for you to secure it up !