Yes4G – The "Yes" or "No" ?

Recently , Yes4G was launched in Malaysia. If you’re wondering what Yes4G is all about , basically its Voice + Messaging (SMS) + Data in one service and it follows the same principle on how the power company (TNB) and water company charges you. Its pay as you go , which simply means pay as you go. It sounds pretty good right , I mean if you use it , you pay it. Let’s get more in-depth shall we
However things did not turn out the way for Yes4G. I feel very bad for YTL. For instance their website were heavily attacked by hackers via DoS (Denial of service). Think of it as being a call centre representative and everyone who calls you , hang up immediately . What would you feel ? Its the same thing. I understand that part. Anyway the thing is that in business , we must be able to recover from disasters and sadly I don’t think Yes did not anticipate such things would happen. I am willing to forgive them but it would certainly give a bad first impression those who plan to migrate (more after the jump)
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P1 Wiggy on OSX – A bit of progress

Today I’ve managed to trace on how to get Wiggy to sorta work on OSX. It seems that P1 is far behind or they are working hard in getting Wiggy to work with OSX. I’ve found out that there is indeed a driver for P1 WiMax as we all know that it uses GCT Semiconductor, Inc. There is a driver for OSX . But I am not sure why p1 guys aren’t aware of it or they are trying to develop a software locally to work with P1 Wiggy. Nevertheless , its up to them. I would just like to report to you and as well as to them that it kinda works. I’ve attached the kext file (which is indeed the drivers extension that allows to be booted). As for now all you get is a Blue solid light from P1 WiMax Wiggy and thats bout it

P1 WiMax Wiggy is detected by OSX
P1 WiMax Wiggy is detected by OSX

That’s bout it. We can only get it to detect and boot-up apart from that. I can’t connect because I don’t have the keys to connect nor a solid utility . I’ll try asking P1 for the keys so that its possible for me to test it out for the last time before I give them the device for good . Oh yeah , click here to download it !
You may ask how to install this. Firstly get kext helper (sorry it runs only on Intel Mac) and simply drag and drop this kext file and enter your administrator’s password and hit Install. it will do the rest for you
Edit : Part of this goes to l33tdawg as he is  the one that posted success but then he didn’t upload nor provide any kexts whereby users can test it out or post any reports. So I had to find the kexts and patch it up and then upload it 😛

P1 has enabled port forwarding !

This is great news for those who were ranting on how they could not host their own HTTP and mail server with their P1 WiMax Connection. Oh yeah , not to mention that it causes gamers (xbox 360/playstation 3) a havoc when they weren’t allowed to host game (because of the way of how P1 set it up)
Anyway , Miss Noami from P1 e-mailed us regarding this and she sent the username and password in order to configure port forwarding , DMZ and stuff like that. I’ll be doing a full story on this later but for now , this is the user name and password and the address

Address :
Username : admin
Password : admin123

Port Forwarding for P1 WiMax is here !

This is great news. Two days I go , I received an e-mail from Miss Naomi regarding an upgrade (its a beta firmware) which allows the users to basically port forward , setup the DHCP {not sure what she meant by this – I presume its the ability to use this as a router as well} , Dynamic DNS (the ability to use DDNS services such as no-ip which enables users to host their own game server , web server , mail server ,etc}.
I am waiting for the firmware to be uploaded to my device and the instructions to be sent to my e-mail in order for me to configure the device. I’ll be still waiting for it and write a small review about it and maybe even open my server for folks to test things out !
As for how’s P1 WiMax lately – Its still up and down. So far it was faster then streamyx and hasn’t failed me. But the downtime its unbearable. All of a sudden it changes into blinking red and again there is no way for it to get a connection back – unless I’ll have to pull its plug (no I am not that evil) and reconnect it back. Overall , its still wobbley in sense that you can’t really do stuff on it , especially if you’re doing mission-citrial stuff. I do hope that they’ll address this issue as soon as possible !
I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks from my readers on giving me positive comments on what is going on. It keeps me motivated and I promise that I’ll blog more often and give you more dosage  of stuff which are going on. Not to mention , I completely forgot to talk about the Yellow Guy !

Kudos to P1 & Some Updates

Its been a long time since I’ve touched my blog anyway. I have been busy lately as you most of you guys do know. Anyway, this time – I would like to take this opportunity to praise P1 WiMax on their new feedback system for us Trial users and as well as their new packaging scheme. Well , every week we are required to fill out whats the speed that we get , our latency (ping rates) and hows the speed and so on. I think its a good way for them to collect data and monitor to improvise their service , as I am slowly seeing that they are doing couple of changes based on user-feedback (which is again great , this is because you’re winning users’ hearts over) . One thing that caught my heart is that they clearly ADVERTISE whats the limit that we are allowed to use before ‘fair usage policy kicks in’ (in other words , your speed would be throttled aka your bandwidth would be managed)

New P1 WiMax packages
New P1 WiMax packages- Most importantly the user cap is stated clearly for each of the packages. Its not hidden or typed in very very small font !

One thing though – I do find 5GB is too little for Lite users. Hopefully they do raise the cap to 10GB , this way at least lite users do have a chance as well. Why am I saying this is because updates for Windows , anti-virus definition , new software are getting bigger and bigger by day and I don’t think that 5GB is enough personally. Anyway , its a great move of highlighting the cap , so far this is the first ISP which have ever done so (Shame on you Maxis and Celcom for not stating it clearly in the site.)
Next up , is the feedback form which we have to submit every week or every time when we call up the Customer Care representative. Well I kinda like the whole concept whereby we can share our opinon and give our own feedback to them. As someone who is taking statistics , the data would help a lot for them to determine the pattern and usage behaviour . This is very important to get the sample from a very small population to determine how it would be like for a large population. Anyhow  , let me take a screenshot of how the survey form looks like , so you folks can take a look at it for yourself
The survey thingy - All you have to do is just fill it up !
The survey thingy - All you have to do is just fill it up !

These are great moves (both marketing and strategy wise). I just do hope that they do enable port forwarding/pass through in the modem , that allows P1 WiMax users to host games (especially if you’re a gamer) or to allow applications to link up to the outside world (i.e Torrent applications and so on). This is great especially if you plan to run test web server , php server , game server whereby you want outsiders to connect and tes it all together. Currently its not possible. But I do hope its possible by end of this month !
P.S to P1 WiMax folks – If you’re reading this as well , come up with a package for gamers as well. It would be great , just provide them with the best “route” or “optimised ping times” for them to play online role playing games without any lag !. For gamers , latency is important as opposed to speed.

P1 WiMax Review – Part Two

This is my second segment/part of the review. In this segment , I would be focusing on Internet Applications. That means how sites such as YouTube , Forums , Blogs and things like that would load. In other words , how good P1 in terms of productivity web applications and Internet entertainment.
As I’ve mentioned earlier I’ll be splitting this mega review into segments and parts. If you have missed the first segment/part , click here  (Part 1 of the review) to read about it. I’ll be then creating an index (once the whole review is done) so that it would be easier for people to refer and jump into the section that they prefer. Do keep in mind that this is going to be a very long post as I’ll be basically talking and comparing stuff. Its not for the faint of heart !
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P1 WiMax Review – Part One

Ta Da – As I’ve promised you guys , I went to P1 Office Today @ Jln Templer (Oh yeah my dad drove me there as I don’t know the roads in PJ , plus it can be confusing at times) , I was greeted by Miss Naomi . She explained the whole free 6 months concept and stuff and the sign up was pretty fast and easy.
You’ll have to hit Read More as it contains lots of pictures and words. So if you’re intrested to learn more on P1 WiMax service , I recommend you to read more.
Basically to sum it up. I’ll be reviewing by “parts/segments”. Each segment focuses on certain aspect of the service. For instance , the first segment/part is all about setting it up and so on.  This way it would be easier for someone to read and understand how the service works. Here is my layout currently. I plan to do a couple of parts and as we do get any updates. I’ll be post them here
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P1Wimax : Drills For Facts (In-Depth Analysis)

Its great to see there is a new Internet Service provider in town , that claims to be better then TM Streamyx and all other ISPs. Well , firstly lets take a look at their pricing structure to see if its competitive or not. You can take a look below , these are their current charges and it comes along with the Free WiMax modem , but then you’re tied down with minimum contract of 12 months , which again sucks. We all do know that we hate contracts – don’t we !. Anyhow , scroll below to see their current promotional prices and compare it with their normal pricing scheme which I’ve posted below
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WiMax by P1 Broadband – Insight Look !

Yeah , we have heard of them for the past year ago. At first they keep on insisting  that its going to be launched soon , but as usual , due to some unexplained reasons , it took them longer to launch the service. Nevertheless , they have started to test their WiMax Service by offering Free 2-Weeks Trial to customers who are within the coverage zone. Anyhow , this is a screenshot of a speedtest posted by a user by the name of freezbies , if you take a look the speed is far superior then your average Streamyx 1Mbps packageor your so-called 3.5G Wireless Broadband even the latency seems to be 10-15 times better then a 3G/3.5 Wireless Broadband but again it still can’t beat the latency of a wired connection. What does it mean for an average consumer. Well in plain English , it certainly means that  you can get to enjoy high-speed Wireless Internet with a low latency. This allows you to play most of the games out there such as DOTA as the latency is still bearable for local link ,but when it comes to FPS (First person shooter) you might face a bit of a problem. Now let us take a look at what P1 offers in terms of IP , Connectivity and other goodies !

speedtest - P1 WiMax
speedtest - P1 WiMax by freezbies

As most of us do know , Wireless Internet service provider such as Celcom does not provide an External IP and whereas for Maxis they block external connections despite providing customers with dynamic IP address. It causes a chaos when someone wants to host a game or a site from his own computer. Of course this is also another major drawback for p2p lovers as you are unable to open port which makes it harder for people to connect to your computer. This is the primary reason why I ditched Maxis Broadband (*who wants a limited broadband anyway*). Thankfully , it is not true for p1 WiMax , they do provide their users with an External IP Address without any sort of restriction. in other words you can run p2p applications , host your own game server or web server. For the geeks and nerds out there , their IP Range starts from till
secondly , another thing that I’ve noticed during the tryout over at my friends place and the comments/feedbacks that I’ve read in the message board is that , p1’s Modem comes along with QoS. Yeah that’s right , Free Built-in Intelligent Qos. It automatically throttles your p2p connection when you’re surfing the Internet , streaming youtube , or running VOIP data which is great for average consumers who have zero knowledge or little knowledge of networking. Its a smart move so that users would not complain that their speed is too slow when they are downloading. But there is one disadvantage of this Intelligent QoS , it means that P1 will always have the right to manage your bandwidth at all costs , they can throttle your p2p connection if they suspect that you’re hogging the bandwidth too much. It seems to be fair to me , as if they can manage their bandwidth wisely and provide a sustainable connection – Why Not ? 
This is all I’ve information on p1 WiMax Broadband. Of course , I am waiting for my 2 Weeks Free Trial as well. If you want to register for the Free Trial for yourself , I suggest you to head to p1’s Website and register your interest  there. who knows , just try your luck and see !. I’ll update more information on this matter once I’ve managed to get hold of the p1 WiMax Modem and the service or if i have any new news regarding their service !