Risks Involved in Free WiFi

Malaysians (and quite sure the rest of the us) truly love Free WiFi. No doubt that you see tons of Malaysians love to spend time in Cafe such as Starbucks , Coffee Bean , SF Coffee for hours by just buying a small cup of latte (or their favorite drink) and sitting there for an entire day and downloading their favorite animes. Of course some of us go to these places for group discussion or to meet people or to do some ‘mission critical’. Others even use Cafes as their secondary office – meeting new clients and sealing off deals.

WiFi Hotspots are becoming more and more common in this era as users are getting tech-savvy (Picture from popfi.com)

The biggest concern is security. This is why there is even an article in The Star , which inspired me to write myself this article  One may ask what are the risks involved and how you can protect yourself when using Free WiFi. More after the jump
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