P1 WiMax VOIP Service Review – Part 1

I am guessing P1 really loves me (Thank you guys – seriously I am not sure why you guys want me to review all your cool stuff but again I would like to express my gratitude towards the great team at P1 – giving bloggers like me a chance to review). To the rest of the you (ISPs , I know some of you cybertroopers would be reading this – Do give tech bloggers a chance to review your product instead). Anyway this is bout P1’s latest offering and I am the one of the lucky ones to get to review and submit my feedback to p1 (To tell you the truth I do it like weekly as you know I’m really tied down with my studies – heh its not easy )
I’m sure you have read my previous reviews on various products and you basically know the drill – In the first part – generally I talk about the hardware and the ease of setting things up. Before that I would like you to read on my previous insight scoop on P1’s VOIP Service such as its pricing and what freebies they are throwing and do a comparison !
Firstly and foremost , P1 WiMax VOIP Service is an additional service – think of it as a value add on package whereby you can make calls at a very low price. For those who are new to this whole VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol) , it makes use of Internet connection to make phone calls – Pretty neat right ? – Its digital. It does have several advantages over traditional phone line. For instance you don’t have to pay an additional RM 50-60 (or sometimes up to RM 200-300) for internal wiring for your phone line , which is costly to setup for some. Secondly , if you’re renting a place or if you’re a student , you don’t want to fork out that much of money to a fix line (in order for you to use streamyx). Thirdly , VOIP allows you to stretch your ringgit – you pay at a cheaper rate as opposed to your fixed line or even your mobile phone (especially if you’re using Maxis – like me :P)
Anyway back to the story  (I know what you’re thinking anyway – long winded ? Umm thats me). In this section of the review , I’ll be mainly focusing on the hardware itself (as I’ve explained earlier) and the whole setup procedure. If you just want to read the summary , I suggest you to scroll down and ready the summary of the first part which generally talks bout the hardware and the on the whole setup procedure. Detailed review on VOIP will be on the next part of the review 😛
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