Windows 7 Fujitsu U1010/U810 Auto Rotation

Quick post from my u1010. Just installed Windows 7 and managed to get rotation thingy to work properly. People were complaining but I did manage to get it to work. It seems that Fujitsu didn’t update the drivers for U1010. Instead they supplied it for U2010. Here is the quick guide
I’ll update the full one later
What I did was to download U2010 Drivers for U1010 (I know it sounds dumb , but Fujitsu didn’t bother to update their drivers for U1010)
Go there and download
Fujitsu System Extensions Utility (make sure to remove the old one)
Update that
Now here comes the tricky part. You gotta do this trick. Uninstall both U1010 Button driver and its utility
Then install U2010 Button Driver , it will just update the device and say it would work. Now install the utility. Your buttons should work however , it will moan about auto rotation saying it can’t find suitable resolution.
Now you’ll have to uninstall U2010 Button Utility and re-install back U1010 Button Utility. Try auto-rotating , voila it works
The rest will come

Hello Fujitsu U1010 – Part I

First and formost , I would like to express my gratitude to my dad on sponsoring this UMPC/Netbook. Uh okay let me start the stort (its wise for me to thank the old man dad). So yeah here we are with my new toy of the year , its my chirstmas gift anyway.Before going any further let me first explain to you the concepts of netbook , I am sure that you’ve have seen these tiny notebooks which are under 1 kilogram (well usually , there are some under 2kg). These kind of notebooks are known as Netbooks. The reason why they are called as netbooks or sometimes as UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer) i that they are primarily targeted for those who of us would like to carry a PC around with us which is handy and its powerful enough to cater our daily needs as opposed to PDAs/iPhone/iPod Touch , etc. The screen is usually around 7″-10″ LCD (wide screen LCD to be more precise)
So What’s the use of Notebooks then ? – Well notebooks will notebooks and netbooks will be netbooks. These are two different things , notebook is a protable computer and its powerful enough (The prices of notebooks are getting cheaper and you could get a pretty powerful computer. For a mere RM 2,000 (around USD$ 400) you could get a laptop which has a decent processor and a decent graphics card for you to game on the go).
Netbooks doesn’t come with a DVD/CD Drive. So you’ll have to buy an external CD/DVD ROM if you wish to install stuff from CD/DVD or watch movies. But these days , people prefer to use their pen drives , which contains a lot of data. This is why netbooks are very slim and lightweight !
Anyway here are the pictures of my baby , its small and its light , weights only around 600grams (609g to be exact). It runs on Intel A110 (Its not Intel Atom , but its Intel pre-atom. Its actually the ULV Version of Pentium M {Dothan}) @ 800Mhz , comes with 40GB 1.8″ HD , 1GB DDR2 RAM , WiFi ,7″WLCD Screen , Tablet Capabilities (I can write on the screen) and a keyboard (The keyboard is a bit crappy). It came along with Windows Vista Home Premium with a downgrade option to Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. However , I didn’t take the option to downgrade to Tablet PC Edition as I would be paying more for the software which I didn’t want to. Anyway , Vista was annoying , so I downgraded to Windows XP myself. I’l be posting a tutorial later on how to install Windows on netbooks such as ASUS EEEPC and other netbooks by just using a usb its that simple. Oh yeah , now for the pictures ! Oh yeah I bought it for RM 1999 , its wroth every cent !

Isn't  she cute ?
The overall look of the netbook. She is very slim and sexy. I love how Fujitsu created her with fine detail (although they made a couple of mistakes in the keyboard - I'll explain that later)

The tablet view, it works as a tablet PC as well. Use the stylus and write on the screen !

If you want to find out its more detailed specifications , you may want to click this . I’ll be writing in couple of days on the usage and , battery life and how praticial is it in daily situations.