Picking the Right Telco in Malaysia

A lot of times , we keep hearing that ‘OMG my telco sucks la’ , ‘expensive la’ , ‘no coverage’ and with the number portability , we have the privilege of keeping our number while switching mobile operators. A lot of people ask , which is the right telco for me , which one should I choose. Here I’ve laid out some steps in picking the right telco in Malaysia.
How to pick the right telco in Malaysia
Assuming you are Telco M and want to port your number to Telco C or Telco D or Telco U (or other way around)

  1. Ask your friends around on how is the coverage of other telco in your area (home and your workplace). This first feedback would pretty much allow you to narrow down which other telco that you can port into.
  2. Once you have found out that which Telco has decent coverage in your place , you now need to do comparison of plans on which plan is suitable for you and what are their offerings for prepaid and postpaid
  3. Once you have settled on the telco and the plan. You’ll have to do one final thing before changing telco and retaining your number

What’s that you ask ? – Simple , just buy their prepaid SIM pack and test it out first in your own phone. This is the best way to test out how well is their Internet services , Voice Quality and coverage. People may say thousand things , there are many factors when deciding a telco – such as your phone , the frequency (spectrum of the telco) , the distance from base station.
Once you have tried their offering and if it is up to your standard , then you would probably want to hop in and bring your number to that telco. If not, you have nothing to lose.
In the coming articles , I would probably write more on this subject especially how telcos in Malaysia are progressing and what is the best prepaid and postpaid plans out there

Mobile Number Protability is here !

Finally , I’ve been waiting for a long time for this. Retaining the same number while enabling us to switch providers , which has been done in Europe and in US for the long time. This is great as now our mobile number can be fixed line. We don’t have to message our friends and call them saying that the number has changed and please update your contact list. I know , I’ve been through that and its annoying
Its a sigh of relieve for me as I can now switch from Maxis to other providers (Thinking of choosing the Yellow Guy – DiGi). Of course I’ll have to do lots of comparasion and I might be losing few feauters such as 3G/HSPDA but for me – the call rates are important. I’ll be changing my provider soon and will blog about in on the whole process. But for now you can download and read the FAQ posted by MALAYSIAN COMMUNICATIONS AND MULTIMEDIA COMMISSION . You can read the press statement by clicking here
So stay tuned folks , I want to blog about the whole procedure and to see how efficent is the whole number protability thingy ! – Kudos to the Malayisan government for implementaing something like this . Things are changing here in the mobile industry. Now one thing to do which is to get my hands on iPhone 3G . I hope sa mobile service provider brings it to Malaysia