Windows 7 Fujitsu U1010/U810 Auto Rotation

Quick post from my u1010. Just installed Windows 7 and managed to get rotation thingy to work properly. People were complaining but I did manage to get it to work. It seems that Fujitsu didn’t update the drivers for U1010. Instead they supplied it for U2010. Here is the quick guide
I’ll update the full one later
What I did was to download U2010 Drivers for U1010 (I know it sounds dumb , but Fujitsu didn’t bother to update their drivers for U1010)
Go there and download
Fujitsu System Extensions Utility (make sure to remove the old one)
Update that
Now here comes the tricky part. You gotta do this trick. Uninstall both U1010 Button driver and its utility
Then install U2010 Button Driver , it will just update the device and say it would work. Now install the utility. Your buttons should work however , it will moan about auto rotation saying it can’t find suitable resolution.
Now you’ll have to uninstall U2010 Button Utility and re-install back U1010 Button Utility. Try auto-rotating , voila it works
The rest will come