HD Debate :Quality Difference -Does It Matter ?

So , here is another article on Quality difference between HD and non HD Sources. As some of us ask , why do we need to fork a lot of money and get a HDTV whereby we could get to see the same movie on our normal CRT. An average Malaysian thinks it in this way , as he or she can get to see stuff from ASTRO (Satelite provider here in Malaysia , they broadcast in 4:3 SD 576i). So its pretty much tuned for an old TV. However if you plan to hook up your brand new shiny LCD/Plasma HD TV , you’ll notice that the quality doesn’t look great. You’ll be seeing blackboxes for 16:9 movies and other funny stuff. For your information , on widescreen televisions you shouldn’t be seeing a letterbox , its meant for normal 4:3. However you wouldn’t have any choice if the broadcaster broadcasts at 4:3. However this isn’t the issue here. What We are going to focus on how the picture looks like when you view it on HDTV and a normal TV. For this case , i’ve taken a scence from Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of the Sith.
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