tonymac , seriously ?

While I was busy leveling up my character in World of Warcraft , it seems that there are few things which have forgot to blog about and to bring to your attention. Thankfully , nawcom did his research and posted regarding this matter over at his blog. Once again , I’ll try to make it simple to share on what is going on actually and explaining on why is it wrong and what he should have done.
Recently , tonymac released a kernel for OSX that supports Intel’s Sandy Bridge. Again its a good thing at first glance , I thought well , thats something close. Upon a closer inspection by nawcom , it seems that tonymac stole the code from qoopz , nawcom , AnV and few others that made the legacy kernel. The kernel that made AMDs , older Intel processors the ability to run OSX. . On top of that , its against Apple’s APSL which requires you to release any modification.

Qoopz' SSE3 emulator in the kernel ?
Qoopz' SSE3 emulator in the kernel ?

If you’re wondering why I wrote this blog post up , well I’ve worked with qoopz , nawcom and AnV and I know the team very well and I find it unfair that some guy comes along , steals the code (without giving any credit) and claims that it was his original work. For your information , the legacy kernel is important for a lot of people especially for those who are using AMD. Plus the legacy kernel enabled a lot of support , for instance 64-bit mode on AMD and old Pentium 4 computers , SSE3 emulation. These are fundamental things and it was done by great people for free of charge. Its not easy to write a SSE3 emulator , if you re wondering how hard , think of translating from Latin to English and then back to Russian.  I would like to highligh that stealing is wrong. The least tonymac should do even if he doesn’t want to release his source code is to give due credits to great people.
The community needs people’s support , if you realize any great work that I’ve done is that I’ve added credit. I am not perfect myself and i made a public apology myself in blog if I’ve made a mistake. Tonymac , if you want to help people at least do by the right thing. These great people have not even asked for a single cent nor have a donate to get personal support crap at all and they have been here for a very long time.
Nevertheless , nawcom and the team would be working on adding Sandy Bay support. As part of the OSX86 community team , I urge my readers to go by the correct path that is by going to ProjectOSX , nawcom’s site – just to name a few