Fixing Annoying Flash in OSX

Flash and OSX does not simply go well together especially if you have a slower hackintosh or a macintosh computer (its true if you are still using PowerPC). Flash simply hogs up your CPU , thus increasing the temperature of the cpu and reducing the battery life of your computer (if its a laptop). I find it rather annoying especially on my MSI Wind U100.

On top of that I am annoyed with annoying flash advertisements , they too take up my precious CPU Cycles. Thankfully , there is a guy who invented such a thing that blocks flash. Its called ClickToFlash (its for Safari only folks) . It will automatically block all flash content and provides you with an option to load it on demand or alternatively you may whitelist. One nice thing I’ve to give credit is the ability to watch YouTube clips in MP4 (the same format that Apple uses to stream to iPhone and Android devices).
However , there are alternatives available for  Chrome users (Windows included) as well , it is called FlashBlock.
Do give it a go and please post your feedback on if you should think on what Apple and Adobe should do on tackling this issue

Tuning your P1 Modem

Wow , this is my first post in the month of April and its about time that I did one. Actually one of my readers made me to write this post. Basically he wanted to know how to tune his P1 Modem and to position it properly in order to get better speed.
First thing first , you need to connect directly to your PC. You must bypass your router (I’ll guide you later on how to get it to play along with your router and port forward such). Assuming that we have got it to work (i.e Internet works , the modem shows a solid green or amber light). Fire up your web browser (Internet Explorer/Safari/Firefox/Google’s own browser) and go to (or just click on the link and enter your username/password) . You’ll be prompted to enter the username and password.

Username : admin
Password  : admin123

Now lets take a look at the main screen. This concerns us the most. We are going to use these indicators to help us to position the modem in order to get good speed. The light indicator doesn’t tell us much , it just tells good or bad but it doesn’t tell you how good or how bad. These values are commonly used by engineers or those who are in the telecommunications industry to determine how good is the signal. It tells them more then the light indicator !
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