Top 5 Mistakes Done by New Bloggers

This was a long time thought that was in my inner feelings and thought of expressing it out rather then keeping it to myself  I believe that blogging and blogger should share a bond , its like you should understand and express out what that comes out from one’s heart rather then just thinking of making profit or taking non-sense. Even if you want to share on how to make money online (which I find most of them are set up by scammers as a bait to lure those who are seeking for true sites) which is bad. Really bad – Anyhow here are some of my tips for new bloggers alike  – I know its not related to my blog but there is no harm of expressing it out right ! – Again there is a limit to it – Just don’t corss the line and you should be safe ! . Anyhow , read more for some tips as I do not wish to clutter the whole blog! – This is targetted for new bloggers who have just stepped up from myspace , facebook , friendster and other social networks . But anyway this is what this techie (which is me) has to say
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