Fixing Time Sync issue with OSX/Windows & Linux

Most of us do dual boots with our hackintosh. Windows and OSX , but one thing we realise is that when you fire up Windows. You realise the the clock is out of sync and you decide to let windows automatically sync with time servers and then it gets fixed. You said that it could be a mistake and you carried on with your work . The following day when you boot up to OSX , you’ve noticed something odd – the clock is out of sync. Its like a demon that is changing time. You decide to fix it up the same way and so the cycle continues. You’ve tried everything that you could to get these two OSes clock to work in harmony. Well , fear not – Today , I’ll show you couple of ways to fix this issue. From the straight forward method to the complicated method. For each methods , I’ve described here – there are both advantages and disadvantages. Don’t worry , I’ll list them all. If you’re curious why time gets out of sync , then stick around and read the whole thing
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