My Thoughts on Science and Maths in English

Lately , it seems that there are certain group who are unhappy with the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English , especially when they protested today in front of the Istana and to give a memorandum to our King. For me , its fine as this is democracy , folks can have rally to protest and this is what is democracy all about. Police would be there as usual to protect people and to prevent them from going overboard. Not to forget that they too have to protect our King.
Anyway , what I think that is Maths and Science should be thought in English because it provides many benefits for the student. I am not against Bahasa Malaysia (the Malay language) and I do know that its our national language , but what I am saying that if we want to give our students the x-factor that they need when they want to say study aboard – then certainly maths and science in English would do the trick. Plus on top of that , we need folks who are well verse in both of the languages if you want to contribute something to the country. For instance , if our command of the language is poor in Science and Mathematical terms , it would be hard to negotiate a deal or work with foreign clients and so on. As for protecting the Bahasa or the Malay language , I am sure that we do have other ways – for instance History , Geography are thought in Malay. Not only that , basically you can’t forget Malay nor its status would ‘degrade’ as its stated in the constitution  that Malay language is the official language
Secondly there are lots of reference books which are written in English then any other languages. This makes it students easier to refer whenever they want to find something. Its even possible to find YouTube videos on how to solve mathematical question and such. This makes it easier for them to gain knowledge and to understand more.

Maths & Science in English has more advantages then disadvantages

These are just some of the advantages of teaching maths and science in English. What I am suggesting to the government is that in order to satisfy these groups , Maths and Science should be thought in Malay – give it as a extra class for those who think that they want to gain this extra knowledge in Bahasa. It would satisfy both the parties. I’m not sure about you , but certainly I’ve benefited from learning Maths and Science in English. Otherwise , trust me I’ve heard horror stories from my lecturer that students do face the hard time when they are in Universities or in Colleges whereby medium of instruction is in English. These students get confused with the English term as keep in mind that they don’t know the terms in English.
Anyway , I’ll blog about this tomorrow after reading the papers tomorrow on what our ministers and the public say about this. My question is how far do you agree with my statement that Maths and Science in deed do have a lot of advantages and it would actually  make it easier for  Malaysia to be a developed country ?

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