My Thoughts on DiGi 3G Internet

Wow , now that is what I call Mobile Broadband. It seems that DiGi is the one that is trying to redesign broadband , as their name suggests – DiGi seems to be taking a step ahead of its competitors – mainly Maxis and Celcom. As we do know that Maxis has a limit of 3GB and Celcom has (initally had a limit of 5GB and its possible to purchase additional 10GB bandwidth for an additional fee)

50GB ? Now thats a lot as opposed to your competitors

I took a good look at DiGi Today seems that they are changing at first they were confused on what’s the limit that they should set. After doing their homework (as my lecturer says the more homework/tutorial that you do , the deeper you’ll understand – I think this hypothesis still holds true) , they have raised it to 50GB which is great. Anyway , lets analyze it. I prefer to analyze it rather then just saying it out what’s written there in the site – as basically you could read it for yourself. Anyway I’ll sum it up for you :-

  • Price¬† : RM 128 (promotional price) – RM 158 (Normal Price) {Price returns to normal price after 6 months}
  • Contact Period : 12 months
  • Download Speed : 7.2Mbps (during the trial period/first 12 months) and 3.6Mbps thereafter
  • Upload speed : 2Mbps (during the trial period/first 12 months) and 384Kbps thereafter
  • Data Transfer : 50GB (and after that you’ll be throttled to 64Kbps up/down)

If you want to know about the rest of the offers , then head up to their web-site and find it out for yourself. I am not going to spoon feed you. Anyway , back to my analysis and thoughts. Lets break in into couple of points , so its easier for us to analyze :-
1. Price Factor – Lets take a look at the price. Certainly , its priced a bit higher as opposed to its competitors. I think its mainly because DiGi offers 50GB of data transfer. If you take a look P1 caps at 20/40GB (depending on which package you take) and Maxis caps it to 3GB for their Wireless Broadband and Celcom at 5GB , but for Celcom its possible to purchase additional 10GB of data for a fee . So far , DiGi is the clear winner in this case in sense that for a Wireless Service Provider , it gives a lot of room for you to download especially if you’re a heavy downloader
2. Speed – Speed is pretty important for us – The higher the speed the faster it takes for you to download , to load a site and to buffer youtube videos. However , it comes with a price , keep in mind that we’re talking about wireless. When we are talking about wireless , the speed isn’t constant and it fluctuates¬† a lot. At times you may get 1.2Mbps and sometimes it can burst up to say 4Mbps. Its not constant and its very hard to deduce your average speed . This applies to all of the wireless broadband services out there. You need to take this into consideration before applying to any of these wireless service providers. Now for 3G service providers , they’ll have to prioritize between voice calls and data. Usually they’ll set voice calls/sms/mms/video call as their highest priority as data – in other words , if a cell phone tower can support up to 5 users and we have 4 users who are on the phone (as in calling , chit chatting with sms) and one guy with say surfing the Internet. Chances are the person who surfs the net would get low priority and hence lower output as opposed to say a person who is connected to a tower whereby he is the only person. This you can’t help it as telecos are basically generating their revenue from voice calls and SMSes !
As for DiGi , I am not sure if they are going to do such thing but I do believe they would unless they want to focus on Mobile Internet service only for 3G. But this way , they’ll be losing potential customers who would want to jump into DiGi’s 3G line just to experience the D factor !
3. Coverage – Coverage is pretty limited for DiGi as for now as basically they are the new player in the market – which means it would take them a couple of years for them to cover the whole of Klang Valley , Penang and Johor and from there , they would work their way to covering the whole of East and Malaysia. As for Maxis and Celcom , they have covered major parts of our country (Malaysia) with 3G/HSPDA. For DiGi to do , it would take even more time and lots of money to fork out to set it up. We will just wait and see how they tackle on this issue . So for instance , if you do travel a lot from lets say Kuala Lumpur to Penang , chances are you’re pretty much dead with DiGi as this time of writing as their coverage is limited. So , Maxis and Celcom are the obvious winner in this case because of the wide coverage. some may disagree and say its Celcom , because it even covers in kampung areas.
Conclusion :-
Lastly to sum this up. Its too early for me to say anything. DiGi is being nice and highlighting their cap so that users wouldn’t complain on how they were cheated by agents and so on (Read back on my issue on how many people fell for the trap by maxis agents trying to get customers to register the service by simply lying to them that its Unlimited). So DiGi is currently on the right track and I do hope that they move forward and progress on and hopefully really keep up ot their standards and our expectations. Let us just wait and see