Engrish !

Anyway , just read this article. Its in the front page of The Star (November 19th 2008). Just go through (thanks jhcj) for bringing up this matter. Anyway , just read through the article and you’ll notice that the reporter(s) did some sily mistakes. On top of that I wonder why the Editor didn’t bother to take a look. Best of all , its in the front page and even in the Internet. It certainly made my day today !

Oh Dear !
Oh Dear !

I hope Star rectrifies this issue as soon as possible. I mean , in order to improvise our command of the language , we should read newspapers (Right) , but what if they themselves make this mistake. I know we are humans and at times we do mistakes (Oh gosh another oxymoron statement…) . Anyway yo may want to read it through and I am thinking of forwarding this matter to The STAR. Hopefully , they are aware of it !
Not ranting or anything , just pointing out !. Oh no , I am not a Grammar Nazi !
EDIT 1 : It seems that there is a much more superior person then me (read the comment) . Oh well , thanks for pointing out my mistakes. After all , we are humans !