Samsung ML-2160 Review Part 3

This is the last part of my SAMSUNG ML-2160. You should read the previous two segments , which are located here and here before reading this. In this segment , I’ll be wrapping up everything and giving you my final conclusion of the printer

Printing Speed
I’ll let the video be the judge. In this case I decided to print a lecture note which is in powerpoint file format (PPT) and decided to print 6 slides a page with SAMSUNG Easy Eco functionality. I’ve posted a video which I would like you to be judge
It prints relatively fast as you could see in the video (faster compared to Inkjet printers which are priced the same) . The printing quality is not bad at all (bear in mind I turned on eco-saving features so probably it has toned down on sharpness to save toner’s ink)
Final Thoughts
Lastly , here are my thoughts. If you are a student who prints their lecture notes for revision and stuff and wants an affordable printer , this is the printer that you are looking for. The additional things that the printer includes is pretty much one of its kind , that you can’t find in any other printer of this price range. However if you are kind of person who would like to print things in colour or are just looking for a multi-function printer , sorry to say that this printer is for you at all. You are better off with an Inkjet printer. I’ve summed it up all in a simple pros and cons point form

  1. Affordable Price & Compact
  2. Broad Compatibly  (works with Windows and Mac)
  3. Toner which lasts pretty long
  4. Awesome Bundled Software (suc as Eco Drive)


  1. Noise of the Printer (It can get a bit loud at times)
  2. No Automatic Double-Sided Printing Capabilities
  3. No Stop Hardware Button if you want to abort Printing

Again this printer is great. Some of the cons or drawbacks of the printer are outweighed by the benefit. For instance there the hardware physical stop button is replaced by SAMSUNG Eco Drive so you could review your pages before printing , but however I still prefer a hardware stop button. That’s just being me. Overall , this is the first time I am using a monochrome laser printer  (and reviewing a printer) and it seems to be perfect for my everyday use. Not only its affordable as I have pointed out early but it is also compact. SAMSUNG does deserve some praises in this area. So kudos SAMSUNG , hope that you guys could release a laser printer that allows to print colour pages in this similar price range
Overall Rating : 4/5
I would like to say that its not a sponsored post by Samsung but more towards the printer  itself. The review can be negative or positive as they have spent out that each reviewers have their freedom of expression to express their thoughts. I would also like to thank SAMSUNG for providing me with the review unit