ASUS RT-AC66U Review Part 2 : GUI & Functionality

In this part , we’ll be taking a look at the graphical user interface of the router (look and feel) and , it’s functionality. Do check out the first part of the review if you haven’t read it. This would be a 4 part epic saga in which I try to review the ASUS RT-AC66U !
GUI (The Look and feel)
ASUSWRT is what they call for their GUI. The moment that you login to your router configuration you are presented with somewhat stylish interface. You are presented and overall picture of your network (i.e – status of your internet connection , how many USB drives are connected , number of devices connected to the network) – which I think is great to have a great view in one glance

The look and feel of the ASUSWRT UI - it looks polished but at the sametime it looks cheap as well
The look and feel of the ASUSWRT UI – it looks polished but at the sametime it looks cheap as well

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Tomato Firmware Updates !

Its been a while since I’ve talked on Tomato. Anyway , Victek is hanging out over at Lowyat message board. That seems to great , he gives us the updates whenever they are released and he does hangout there to help us sometimes. Its so great of you Victek.
Anyway , this is what has been updated in the last version

* Fixed remote logging didn’t work if ‘log internally’ was disabled.
* Updated – Dnsmasq 2.46, Dropbear 0.52 & Busybox 1.12.3.
* DDNS now works even if WAN is disabled as long as DDNS uses an external checker or a pre-defined IP (Basic:DDNS:IP Address).
* TCP Vegas (TCP congestion control) added (enable in QOS:Settings), thanks to Rodney H.
* SYN cookies setting in Advanced:Firewall.
* Status:Device List now shows OUI, Static IP, Add Wireless Filter links in a separate line.
* Removed ebtables patch which appears to have caused various problems.
* Create Backup setting & Backup Link URL in Admin:Bandwidth.

Pretty much some great stuff. Just posting the updates ! Thats about it. Later I might share a couple of tips and tricks on how to protect your WiFi and such !