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Idiot’s Guide to Raspberry Pi

I have written this guide because the huge demand from my followers in twitter. They were very fascinated with what the raspberry pi can do. I’ve written this guide to be simple and straight to the point. Basically I want you to help you to make your living room smarter. Think of it as a little project you could do during weekend 🙂


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Building your own AppleTV for under RM 200 (US$60)

Recently , I’ve posted a Tweet about my awesome adventure with Raspberry Pi. I did get a lot of responses from people on how did I manage to do that. Basically what I did was whole bunch of googling and all. I thought of compiling them up and writing it here to make it easier for Malaysians who are planning to setup a Raspberry Pi as an AppleTV/Digital Media Center Alternative


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Samba Wake On Demand Script

Recently , I purchased a raspberry pi and I have to say that it is an amazing device. It now functions as my 24/7 server, however I have already a file server whereby I use to keep important files (such as family vacation photos , important documents , backup of my phone contacts and my save game files if any). The problem was leaving the server 24/7 as it draws about 60W (idle) as opposed to the pi which is about 5W. Of course this could solved by putting the server to sleep and waking it up with a Wake On Lan tool. It’s great if it was me that want to access the shared folder , but how about my less tech savvy family-members

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