Enabling More Than 4GB RAM on Windows 7 32-bit

In this tutorial , I’ll be guiding you on how to enable 4GB of RAM on Windows 7 32-bit.  This is handy especially if you are planning to use your old Windows 32-bit without the hassle of going through reformatting and re installing Windows 7 64-bit as there is no way to upgrade from 32-bit OS to 64-bit OS. Before we start , be sure to backup your system and you also would also need to download the patch here . If you prefer to do it for yourself , scroll down and read
DISCLAIMER : Bear in mind that we are going to change our system here. For instance you may enter Twlight Realm and you may be a fan of Justin Bieber afterwards. I am not held responsible if such incident occurs. So be sure to backup your system before attempting to do so.

Source Microsoft TechNet
Physical Address Extension (PAE) - Allows processors in 32-bit to address more than 4GB of RAM Source: Microsoft TechNet

Simply run the patch and select patch 4GB of RAM and reboot !  If you did correctly , voila you should see something like this. Congratulations , now your 32-bit Windows 7 supports > 4GB of RAM !


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