Samsung ML-2160 Review Part 1

Printers are essential for two things – printing reports and printing notes. It becomes an essential tool for every student who is currently in college or university. It is because more and more of our lecture material , tutorial questions are being posted online. Not to mention that printing them in your college/university could be a hassle – especially when everyone is using the library printer for instance – you will see people printing their assignments at the 11th hour or simply printing the entire stack of lecture notes , tutorial questions for the semester and not to mention that at times , the printer could broke down and most importantly – printing in university could be expensive

Now you may say that if there is only a way I could get the awesomeness of university printer for my personal use and which does not cost a bomb. Thankfully your prayers have been answered – SAMSUNG ML-2160 series printer. A printer that is easy on the wallet and the environment too – and not to mention that it’s a laser printer (similar to the ones used in your university for printing documents)
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