I am Back & The Whole Explanation !

No No No , I’m not dead. I’ve just recently changed my host from 000webhost to Vlexo Phew , 000webhost sucks big time. I thought they were great but I guess they weren’t. The downtimes were the killer. Anyway , while looking around for free hosts in Google , I’ve stumbled across these guys.

Vlexo Hosting
Vlexo Hosting

They seem to be pretty good at offering free web space for hosted domains (such as mine). So I’ve decided to sign up for it  and Viola , I’ve to say that its pretty impressive. The Customer support certainly blows you away. I love how the staff entertains its users , even though its a free service but its world class. The Only catch is that they ask you to place their Advertisement in your site which I think is fine
I’ll see how it goes for the couple of days and write a full review about them. Oh yeah , I’ve some exicting news in store for you guys as well right from Maxis to P1. (Psst – they charged me RM 200). I’ll keep you posted on the issue tomorrow if I’ve time. But untill here for today. Just informing that my site is up and kickin’ !
Thanks again guys