Port Forwarding for P1 WiMax is here !

This is great news. Two days I go , I received an e-mail from Miss Naomi regarding an upgrade (its a beta firmware) which allows the users to basically port forward , setup the DHCP {not sure what she meant by this – I presume its the ability to use this as a router as well} , Dynamic DNS (the ability to use DDNS services such as no-ip which enables users to host their own game server , web server , mail server ,etc}.
I am waiting for the firmware to be uploaded to my device and the instructions to be sent to my e-mail in order for me to configure the device. I’ll be still waiting for it and write a small review about it and maybe even open my server for folks to test things out !
As for how’s P1 WiMax lately – Its still up and down. So far it was faster then streamyx and hasn’t failed me. But the downtime its unbearable. All of a sudden it changes into blinking red and again there is no way for it to get a connection back – unless I’ll have to pull its plug (no I am not that evil) and reconnect it back. Overall , its still wobbley in sense that you can’t really do stuff on it , especially if you’re doing mission-citrial stuff. I do hope that they’ll address this issue as soon as possible !
I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks from my readers on giving me positive comments on what is going on. It keeps me motivated and I promise that I’ll blog more often and give you more dosageĀ  of stuff which are going on. Not to mention , I completely forgot to talk about the Yellow Guy !

Improving your Internet (Streamyx) Connection

This guide tells you how to improve your Streamyx Connection for International sites by several ways and even other ISPs too. Most of the methods I’ve mentioned here are free and they don’t cost you a single cent. So if you’re having issues. Oh yeah , its narrated in my point of view (First Person’s Point of view). Think of it as another story book -but with a twist of course. In this lesson , I’ll be introducing to you a free VPN Service and I’ll be teaching you how to create a SSH connection (Nah this is not a typical use proxy and bypass solution) . So think of it as a three-in-one lesson. After all, Downloading stuff Learning is a life long journey ! – Let the journey begin
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