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WMC Plugins that I use

As you know that I have setup a HTPC which I have described it here. My HTPC project is still ongoing and ever ready to evolve.  In order to enhance my HTPC experience , I have decided to use additional Windows Media Centre plugins to make my life easier (I could just control it with a remote). This would allow me to do additional things and expand my HTPC.


Here are some of the plugins or software that I use


1. Kylo Web Browser

Download link

Kylo is an amazing browser. It is built upon Firefox and it is designed for big screen . As you could see the buttons and text size are large enough so that you could sit back and surf the Internet. Its great for reading news online , checking out scores or simply just quickly check your e-mail on the big screen. With Flash compatibility and the ability to use Windows Media Center Remote for navigation , it makes an ideal Web Browser for your Media Center



2. Hulu Desktop Integration 

Download link

Hulu made an awesome application that allows you to watch hulu programs without a web browser. This Intergration tool serves as a middle man , allowing you to launch Hulu Desktop via Windows Media Center. What it basically does is that it minimizes Windows Media Centre and starts Hulu Desktop. If you close hulu desktop , bam it shows back Windows Media Center. So it makes it seamlessly



3. BBC iPlayer for Windows Media Center 

Download link


There is even a BBC iPlayer addin for Windows Media Center. It makes it easier for me to watch programs such as Top Gear , Click and BBC News. All done with a touch of a button that is.


Oh yeah if you are outside US/UK , you would probably need to use VPN , so that you could use BBC iPlayer and Hulu . So what other add-ins do you use. Kindly share and leave a comment

WordPress plugins that I can’t live without !

As a new user of WordPress , there are many things that we can do. This thing is highly customisable – you could pretty much as you like – This is what that i am looking for in any services (including softwares). The ability to customise things. Here are some of the plugins that I use (I’ve managed to get some of it by myself , and others contributed by folks in lowyat.net and on the Internet. I’ve included the credits as well) 

  • All in One SEO Pack (Recommended by vkeong) – What it does basically that it optimises the header , keyword and everything for search engines , meaning that spybots spiders can easily can track your site. As the old style typing goes by :-
          1. Install All In One SEO Pack
          2. Configure it
          3. ??????
          4. Profit !
  • ShareThis – As the name suggests , it allows you to share your blog posts via digg , facebook , e-mail and a lot of other choices. You can even bookmark it to any online bookmark storage system. This is a neat tool. I just find it useful , who knows – maybe someone out there that may be interested in digging my article 
  • Youtube Brackets (Thanks Caroline) – A must have addon if you want to link youtube videos. It makes it even easier then embedding the video using youTube’s code. This is installed in WordPress hosted blogs but then if you are hosting your own blog like me. then you’ll find that this Addon handy , especially if you want to rick roll someone or include some video for the lulz. 
  • WordPress PDA & iPhone – It is a must have especially if you want mobile users or those who are on PDA/iPhone/iPod Touch to view your site. Is it annoying when you view a site such as this on a mobile phone (especially Mobile Internet Explorer) as it sucks. Another reason is that if you are on EDGE/GPRS/3G/HSPDA then you’ll have to pay a lot of data charges as there are lots of images , text , ads , flash animation that you’ll have to downloading. This is a must have if you have lots of mobile users or if your site is catered for mobile users. I’ll describe/blog more about this plug-in. I find it very useful
  • Akismet  – I think this is the one that you can’t live without .  It keeps spams at bay and at under control too which is useful to protect your blog against spambots which will occasionally spam your boards comments with links to pornography websites , gambling sites and all those unwanted sites. You’ll have to get an API key from wordpress in order for you to activate this , which requires a free registration over at WordPress.com . Oh one more thing , do not share your API key , its meant for your account only – its just like your password
  •  WP Super Cache   – Recommended to save bandwidth and cut down usage of bandwidth as it caches your blog. Hence no new content has to be downloaded to your readers pc. This is true when you have limited bandwidth and if your blog is really popular. I would recommend you to install
There you go , this is all that I have for now. If I do have time , I will certainly updated this page with the plug-ins that I use and to share it with you guys. After all sharing is caring 
There we go , some of the wordpress plugins that I am using right now. I think I did i left out couple of other plugins. But fear not , I’ll include them tomorrow. For now , my eyes are getting tired and it is too heavy to open my eyes. If you excuse me , I’ll have to hit the slumberland . 
Here is something for you to ponder around in the meantime :-
How far do you agree with that statement