P1 WiMax VOIP Service Review – Part 2

This is going to be part 2 of my VOIP Review. I thought of finishing this earlier. Anyhow , in this section. We’ll be focusing on the call quality , how the system works and my over all thoughts about P1’s VOIP Service. Firstly , if you’re totally new to the whole thing , I would recommend you to read part 1 first.
Call Quality
Firstly , lets take a look at the call quality. The call quality is dependent of your P1’s WiMax Internet connection. If your getting sucky upload and download speeds , frequent disconnection – expect the call quality to be pretty bad. I’ve experienced this couple of times. At times , it would just drop your call – if the connection is bad . However if its good – then expect the sound quality to be good as well. Overall , I’m somewhat sastified with the call quality. Its not clear as Skype , however the quality is just bout the same as if you would use a cell phone to place a call.
Secondly , one nice thing I like about P1’s VOIP Service is that it comes along with Caller ID service which tells you the number of incoming caller and plus it logs it to the system – meaning that you’ll have a complete log of who have called you. This is indeed useful to trace back an unknown caller or perhaps to trace back a prankster. Its indeed good. I hope they soon add the ability to block certain numbers (P1 – do take note – I hope you’ll come up with blacklisting/whitelisting functionality with your router to automatically blacklist certain calls at certain hours). You may have a look here of the system on how it logs incoming calls and outgoing calls

P1's Wireless Gateway Caller Logger - Its neat as it logs all your incoming and outgoing calls

Yes it even logs International calls (both incoming and outgoing as well). The phone number resembles a Malaysian Fixed Line phone number , starting from 03-402xxxxx instead of a typical mobile phone number which generally starts from 012 , 013 , 017 , 016 , 019. So overall , its pretty good to have a landline replacement.
Could VOIP replace our fixed line (TM fixed line)
Now let us take a look at my analysis if its worth it to use VOIP and dump landline all together. In my honest opinion , I honestly think that in Malaysia , it will take few years before we can finally be free from TM or other land line providers. However in order for us to use VOIP as total landline replacement , our ISPs should start giving us more bandwidth and not to mention a stable connection – as there is no point of having 50-60 Kilobits of connection whereby it just disconnects every 5-10 seconds. There is no point for us to use such services and it would truly defeat the purpose of using VOIP in the first place. This problem wouldn’t arise on a traditional phone as its connected to a phone exchange instead of a server .So therefore you’ll constantly have a dial tone as opposed to VOIP – whereby you’ll have to be connected to the Internet in order to use it.  So there are disadvantages also , especially if you’re in a poor coverage zone whereby its hard for you to get connected then you’ll have a big problem. The advantages are well you’ve a mobile fixed line anywhere you go and you don’t have to fork out money to telecommunication company to setup a fix line at your place , especially if you’re renting a place.
Experience and Final Thoughts
Well overall experience for P1’s VoIP service is pretty good. To be honest ,its better then Maxis’ Broadbands VOIP Service indeed. I like the whole idea and concept of having a router which doubles as a voip gateway. Not to mention that it comes along with a phone (I’m not quite sure about the final product but I am sure it would). Secondly , I would prefer if P1 gives users settings for softphone. For instance If I’m on a laptop and I would like to place a call , wouldn’t it be great that if there is some software that I could use in my netbook or laptop that allows me to place a call from my netbook itself , as these days notebooks and netbooks alike do come along with a microphone and a camera. This would be great especially if you’re using Wiggy (their Wireless modem service) or if you’re simply downstairs (whereby your router and the phone is located upstairs)
Thirdly , to me it would be great if there is a pre-paid plan. For instance , If I top up RM 25 (whereby the validity is around 6 months to 1 year) , it would be great as a land line replacement or as a backup phone – whereby I don’t have to pay any monthly fixed call charges. I just top up and use it. If I dont use then I can’t just make any outgoing call. It should be modeled after the current pre-paid system which is widely used in our country. I’ve already told P1 folks about this , just hope that they listen (hopefully it doesn’t go into deaf ears)
Would I recommend this service ? – Yes it depends on one’s preference and criteria. If you have a mobile phone and you mainly use it for texting then VOIP is not the thing. However if you’re looking for a cheap land line alternative to make calls as low as 13 sen/minute then P1’s VOIP service may interest you. However keep in mind that you’ll still have to subscribe for their internet service before you’re allowed to use VOIP Services. This can be a great solution for your parents or grandparents. If you think land line rental is expensive (RM 25 for Telekom Malaysia fixed lines) and you want your parents/grandparents to surf the internet and still make cheap phone calls , then P1 service may interest you. If your parents/grandparents are on some kind of Family plan – whereby you’re allowed to make free unlimited calls then its better on to carry using the plan. As for me , I want it to work in both ways , something like how Google Voice works whereby I have the ability to forward calls from my p1 VOIP number to my mobile phone or to another line whenever I’m away.

P1 WiMax VOIP Service Review – Part 1

I am guessing P1 really loves me (Thank you guys – seriously I am not sure why you guys want me to review all your cool stuff but again I would like to express my gratitude towards the great team at P1 – giving bloggers like me a chance to review). To the rest of the you (ISPs , I know some of you cybertroopers would be reading this – Do give tech bloggers a chance to review your product instead). Anyway this is bout P1’s latest offering and I am the one of the lucky ones to get to review and submit my feedback to p1 (To tell you the truth I do it like weekly as you know I’m really tied down with my studies – heh its not easy )
I’m sure you have read my previous reviews on various products and you basically know the drill – In the first part – generally I talk about the hardware and the ease of setting things up. Before that I would like you to read on my previous insight scoop on P1’s VOIP Service such as its pricing and what freebies they are throwing and do a comparison !
Firstly and foremost , P1 WiMax VOIP Service is an additional service – think of it as a value add on package whereby you can make calls at a very low price. For those who are new to this whole VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol) , it makes use of Internet connection to make phone calls – Pretty neat right ? – Its digital. It does have several advantages over traditional phone line. For instance you don’t have to pay an additional RM 50-60 (or sometimes up to RM 200-300) for internal wiring for your phone line , which is costly to setup for some. Secondly , if you’re renting a place or if you’re a student , you don’t want to fork out that much of money to a fix line (in order for you to use streamyx). Thirdly , VOIP allows you to stretch your ringgit – you pay at a cheaper rate as opposed to your fixed line or even your mobile phone (especially if you’re using Maxis – like me :P)
Anyway back to the story  (I know what you’re thinking anyway – long winded ? Umm thats me). In this section of the review , I’ll be mainly focusing on the hardware itself (as I’ve explained earlier) and the whole setup procedure. If you just want to read the summary , I suggest you to scroll down and ready the summary of the first part which generally talks bout the hardware and the on the whole setup procedure. Detailed review on VOIP will be on the next part of the review 😛
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P1 WiMax Wiggy Review (Part 1)

This time its not their latest review which is on their Wiggy – the portable wimax .P1 guys are being nice with the bloggers as in giving bloggers and forumers alike to test out their device and share our thoughts. In this part , we will be taking a look at how the device looks like and how it feels (as in its looks and “aesthetic values” )
First things first , Wiggy (a cool name indeed)  as you see below (the size).

Its pretty small and it fits in the pocket - Its not bulky at all. Click on the picture to have a closer look at it !

I am holding it and its pretty slim !
"Look ma , it fits in my hand" - That is how I would describe it - Put it in the pocket and connect to any PC and voila you have your own personal Internet Service ! *provided if you're within P1's coverage area*

Connected to my netbook – Wow , its like 1/4 of the size of my netbook
When its connected to my Fujitsu U1010 - Its just handy. Netbook + P1 Wiggy = Road Warrior

For the sake of comparing with something. I’ve taken another photo which compares the size of the old modem with the new one. I’ll leave the maths to you to calculate which one is easier to carry around !
Words can't describe it - Just click on the picture , do the maths and do your own comparison !

Anyway , the modem itself works automagically with Windows XP/Vista/7 , whereby it installs the drivers and sets it up automatically. All you have to do is hit the connect button. Now that is what I call it simple. I was bit disapointed when there were no drivers for Linux and Mac (For your information I am a Mac user myself !) , but however I was told by the great staffs of P1 that drivers would be out for Mac/Linux somewhere in Q2/Q3 2009. So Mac users , don’t worry as we still do have a chance to use this device once the drivers are out !
Apart from that I believe that plug-n-play-n-forget makes it easier for grandma and grandpa to surf the Internet and not to mention an average Malaysian to use the Internet. In the next part , Before I end my first part of the review , in the next part. Let us take a look at how it performs on real-life senarios , such as speed-tests and stuff like that. The first part of the review (just like my old P1 WiMax Review) basically talks about the device itself ! The next part , we will be taking a look at the setup part , speed-tests and its performance. So do stay tuned for it !

P1 WiMax Wiggy Launch

Today was pretty great as P1 invited me to the official media event of P1 WiMax Wiggy launch. Basically , it feautered their latest offering which is a small USB Modem like dongle which provides speed up to 10Mbps. Overall the event was pretty good. Took a couple of photos
Not to mention that for tomorrow for PC fair , for those who opt to take RM 149 for 2 years – They’ll be getting a free 10″ netbook. Its limited to 5000 customers. So , if you’re in it , let me know.
I’ll upload the pictures and post my tests. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards P1 CEO , Miss Naomi Hasegawa and Mr Joo Swee Keong for their fullest co-operation with the bloggers. Not to mention to thank to LYN guys who were threre. Pictures will be posted later to my facebook and some of it here as well for you guys to read !

Port Forwarding for P1 WiMax is here !

This is great news. Two days I go , I received an e-mail from Miss Naomi regarding an upgrade (its a beta firmware) which allows the users to basically port forward , setup the DHCP {not sure what she meant by this – I presume its the ability to use this as a router as well} , Dynamic DNS (the ability to use DDNS services such as no-ip which enables users to host their own game server , web server , mail server ,etc}.
I am waiting for the firmware to be uploaded to my device and the instructions to be sent to my e-mail in order for me to configure the device. I’ll be still waiting for it and write a small review about it and maybe even open my server for folks to test things out !
As for how’s P1 WiMax lately – Its still up and down. So far it was faster then streamyx and hasn’t failed me. But the downtime its unbearable. All of a sudden it changes into blinking red and again there is no way for it to get a connection back – unless I’ll have to pull its plug (no I am not that evil) and reconnect it back. Overall , its still wobbley in sense that you can’t really do stuff on it , especially if you’re doing mission-citrial stuff. I do hope that they’ll address this issue as soon as possible !
I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks from my readers on giving me positive comments on what is going on. It keeps me motivated and I promise that I’ll blog more often and give you more dosage  of stuff which are going on. Not to mention , I completely forgot to talk about the Yellow Guy !

P1 Free W1Max Trial – Here I come

Well , Its been a long time since I’ve checked my e-mail and guess what – I was selected for P1 W1Max Trial. This is great news , I can test drive their WiMax for 6 months and post a complete review (as just like I did with Maxis Wireless). I’ll be heading to their office tomorrow to collect my modem to test it out. I’ll be mainly doing comparison in several aspect , how it performs

OMG - Free 6 months Trial
OMG - Free 6 months Trial- Time for a test drive (Removed the person's last name and contact number to protect her privacy)

The good news is that there is an official P1 representative here in a message board. That’s something new for an ISP to do. So far I’ve never seen one that came out to answer users doubts and question. Keep up the good job P1 !. The rest of the ISP , Its a shame that none of your representative come out to give answers but rather just looking the reports. I do have a strong feeling  that Maxis and TM do check out the message board regularly from time to time. Anyway , let you guys know how it goes. If you’re interested to test out P1 W1MAX Trial , then check out this thread . If you have any questions , just ask in the thread itself. There is an official P1 resprentative there that can answer all your questions
I just love when there is an ISP that gets back to its user and hangs out at a place whereby users share their opinions. Kudos P1 ! I can’t wait to test drive your WIMAX service and to write a review. This is something good.
P.S – Of course the 20GB might not be nice for some of us , but if we take a look at the other way – the customer support seems to be pretty good !