My Current Blog Earnings and plans for it

Firstly here you go , my current nuffnang earnings as of today (26th January 2009). If you take a look at it , pretty much I am not a big time earner (I guess I’ve to put lots of effort on it and come up with more content and especially more visitors to comment it. I’ll work on that). This reminds me of what Uncle Brain said , as long you do something which doesn’t make your heart or your inner soul to suffer to feel the pain , you should be happy with it. Not to mention that you’re able to sleep peacefully. A honest living is still a honest living at the end.

My Current Nuffnang earnings
My Current Nuffnang earnings

Anyway , here are couple of plans which I’ve in my mind once I’ve reached the minimum payout which is RM 50. I do hope that I do get paid in the first place. I am not going to take all and spend it just like how other people do make money off their blog. Yes , we do need to earn for our living , but it does not  mean we should use it as our pocket money. For me , its better to donate some of the wealth  Anyway , just letting you folks know what I plan to do with the money :-

  1. Donate to some orphanage or needy people – There is no point of keeping all the money to myself. At least it would be nice if I could donate some of my money to say needy people in an orphanage home or at least old folks home. I do know some homes which really need some funding. So with God’s blessing – I do hope I am able to fulfill it
  2. Donate it to Temple – As you all do know , and well aware of. Many of Hindu temples here needs funding , mostly they depend on private funding. I thought of donating at least couple of ringgit (depending on my earnings) .
  3. Pamper myself with a nice cup of Milo from Mamak – The least I could do for myself to put a smile on my very own face for my hard work and effort so far on building this blog. It may not be as successful or as “hot” as other blogs , but certainly I do believe my blog has its own touch

I am just hoping that people do continue to support me and also for my noble cause. Through self-realisation , I’ve learnt a lot. If you don’t believe me and if you think that money is everything , wealth is everything , and if you’re soo paranoid on meterialised things. Try to do this

  1. Go to a quiet room
  2. Meditate (just close your eyes and ask this question – What have I contributed to this world ? or ask some other questions that would make you to ponder)
  3. Open your eyes

I am sure you’ll be able to find the answers and hopefully you too would embark on the quest on making the world a better pace ! I do hope that God is with me (and also with us all) on helping me to achive my first achivement !

Top 5 Mistakes Done by New Bloggers

This was a long time thought that was in my inner feelings and thought of expressing it out rather then keeping it to myself  I believe that blogging and blogger should share a bond , its like you should understand and express out what that comes out from one’s heart rather then just thinking of making profit or taking non-sense. Even if you want to share on how to make money online (which I find most of them are set up by scammers as a bait to lure those who are seeking for true sites) which is bad. Really bad – Anyhow here are some of my tips for new bloggers alike  – I know its not related to my blog but there is no harm of expressing it out right ! – Again there is a limit to it – Just don’t corss the line and you should be safe ! . Anyhow , read more for some tips as I do not wish to clutter the whole blog! – This is targetted for new bloggers who have just stepped up from myspace , facebook , friendster and other social networks . But anyway this is what this techie (which is me) has to say
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