Snow Leopard Kexts for Netbooks

I’ve prepared kexts for MSI Wind U100 series (and as well as other variants of netbooks which shares similarities with the Wind. Generally all netbook do share the same similarities , such as Intel GMA 950 , Intel Atom processor , PS2 Keyboard/Mouse ,etc). Its just that the network card varies (wireless and wired). In this post , I’ve zipped up all the needed kext that you would need to get your MSI Wind U100 or other netbooks running. I’ve included patched Intel GMA 950 kext , Realtek kext , PowerManagement kext and Trackpad/Keyboard kext. All you have to do is install it manually either by Terminal or simply using a 3rd party kext helper tool to the trick for you.
Nevertheless , I’ll show you on how its done properly. First thing first – grab a nicely packed (I would say freshly baked kext). This kexts would work in any variant of Snow Leopard (I’m assuming that you’ve installed Snow Leopard) (unless Apple decided to improvise on Intel GMA graphics driver , which I highly doubt). Secondly , these kexts are meant for 32-bit platform. This is because Apple has written Intel graphics drivers for 32-bit kernelspace. if you have a 64-bit atom , you’ll have to use 32-bit kernel. Don’t worry about your application , they would take advantage of 64-bit. Its just that your devices wouldn’t able to take advantage of 64-bit umphness. You can read about the full 64-bit vs 32-bit explanation here in my guide of how to install Snow Leopard. This package also includes a special build of fakeSMC which mimics the same SMC Version found on Real MacBook Airs !
I did not include Wireless kexts for MSI Wind U100 users as I’ve replaced Realtek/Ralink card with an Apple airport-compatible card. I recommend to those of you who are using unsupported wifi cards in their netbooks to do so by buying Dell 1505/1510 or Dell 1390/Dell 1490 WiFi Card !
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