10.6.6 legacy kernel is out

For those who are using AMDs and legacy Intel processors and unuspported Intel processors such as Intel Atom. Nawcom has released a kernel for those of you. It includes support for Intel Sandy bay processors as well , so feel free to give that a go. If you’re using AMD processor , you’ll have to grab this first before upgrading to 10.6.6 !
You may read the entire information about at nawcom’s blog post. I’ll be just focusing on how to install and providing download links. Feel free to mirror it and please include credits where due !
Download links

http://dl.nawcom.com/Kernels/10.6.0/legacy_kernel-10.6.0.pkg.zip (Mirror #1)
http://nawcom.com/osx86/files/10.6/Kernels/10.6.0/legacy_kernel-10.6.0.pkg.zip (Mirror #2)
http://nawcom.com/osx86/files/10.6/Kernels/10.6.0/legacy_kernel/legacy_kernel-1504.9.26.diff (Source diffs)

Installation Instructions (For those who are going to upgrade from 10.6.5 to 10.6.6)
1. Download 10.6.6 Combo Updater (Yes I know its going to take ages on your dial-up connection)
2. Run the Updater , when it prompts you to restart. Do not restart , instead run nawcom’s kernel installer which you’ve downloaded.
3. After the kernel and the patches are installed , you may reboot your PC
Suppose if you have a problem after installation , simply pop back in nawcomBoot CD , EmpireEFI or whatever installation disc you used and let the troubleshooting session begin. For in-depth help , I recommend you to drop by irc.osx86.hu , #snowleopard