Life with iPhone 3G !

Thought of blogging about what i do mostly now. Thanks to mom and dad for sponsoring me an iPhone 3G (Otherwise i would be still with my trusty old DoPod D810) , things have changed recently a lot for me. I mean its totally different as opposed to using a normal Windows mobile smartphone. Blackberry and Symbian falls into another category and i do know out there that there are lots of Windows Mobile lovers. But trust me , iPhone 3G is totally different in sense that its more of a multimedia device and internet device rather then a mobile phone. If you’re looking for a mobile phone with 3G camera and stuff like that , I’ve to say that you’re better off using some normal Sony Ericsson or Nokia phone.
Anyhow , let me tell you a bit on what I do with my iPhone 3G daily. Every morning , I do use twitter (TwitterFon , its a superb freeware application and there is a paid version of it without any ads) , it makes it so much so easier to twit something on the go and not to mention to make new friends. After that , I do check my e-mails from time to time via Mail application which is linked to my Gmail account. Not to mention that I do occasionally web browsing either via WiFi (WiFi hotspots or college’s WiFi). Generally the data on the go does make a difference. and of course if I’m away from my PC or if I want to capture the moment , i just simply use Facebook to upload my images directly from my iPhone or just to see what’s the buzz among my friends.
Overall , I find the device pretty handy. Its not too bad but certainly its not catered towards Asian lifestyle , whereby they want the best stuff such as latest 3G front-facing camera , the ability to share songs to their friends via Bluetooth and other related stuff. Obviously , when I took a look at it , I hardly make use of 3G video call and the ability to bluetooth files via cell phones. If I really want the song , I’ll just google it up , store it or download it over the air via Internet or simply buffer it using YouTube. Some of you may disagree , but what i am saying that I use my iPhone to help stuff . Its pretty handy , but again when it comes down to which phone to choose. I would personally recommend each one and every of you to take a look at your life pattern , and then check how much moola that you’re willing to spend on a phone. I am sure you’ll find the prefect phone !