HackBook Wind !

As I’ve promised. I’ve finally installed OSX Leopard (and also Windows XP) on my MSI Wind U100. Thats the reason why I’ve bought it in the first place . Macbook Air is certainly overpriced (Imagine paying 7,000 Malaysian Ringgit for it as opposed to 1,500 Malaysian Ringgit for a MSi Wind).

HackBook Wind
The beauty of OSX on a netbook

Anyway , I’ve to say that almost everything works with the MSI Wind U100 . Anyway everything works , including sleep , bluetooth , wifi ,full graphics acceleration. The only thing which doesn’t work is internal microphone. But I am sure that it would work someday

The reason why I wrote this blog entry is to just to expose and explain and do a bit of comparison of running MacOS X on a PC. There are many reasons on why one would run OSX on a PC. For instance , if you want to test MacOS before buying a real mac , if you can’t afford a real mac (I love people who own an i7 but say that they can’t afford a real mac) , or you simply hate buying hardware from Apple. These are some of the reasons why people try OSX86 on a PC. As for hardware wise , a mac still looks like a mac and a hack (its a term used when OSX installed on a PC) is still a regular PC. Just take a look at the picture which I’ve snapped

HackBook Wind v iBook G4
HackBook Wind and iBook G4 together

Anyway its been pretty good using OSX with the Wind. I’ll be writing a tutorial soon on how to install it , step by step and who knows even a video tutorial . For now , I highly recommend you to read this tutorial on how to install OSX