Internet Censorship in Malaysia – You gotta be kidding

Well , all of a sudden and out of the blues our Information Minister , Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim wants to install a filter ( a la China green dam system) – whereby its possible to block undesirable” Web sites, on the grounds of maintaining racial harmony in the multicultural nation and to prevent our children from watching pornographic material through the Internet.  (For more information , read about it here)
Oh No - Big Brother is out there and monitoring your every single keystrokes

Today , our beloved Prime Minister has announced that The Government will not censor the Internet. Thank you Y.B Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. (Read about it more). Now , what happens if they try to filter the Internet. They could do it in several ways. Force users to use their own dial-up client or software which automatically filters from both software and hardware side , or they could do it in hardware side – whereby they would install filters which would do their job). Now my question is why should the government spend on taxpayers money in installing such a filter in a large scale ? Wouldn’t it be better if the money is used to upgrade infrastructures of Malaysian Internet such as providing a speedy connection and not to mention widen broadband coverage zone. If the government think that pornographic materials are indeed bad for our society. They should at least educate parents and also children the adverse effects of it (No , not by saying “Tak Nak to porn” as that is not going to help). Apart from that , I truly believe that its the parents responsibility to install filters to block pornographic web-site. Let’s face it , all modern day operating systems such as Windows Vista (and the up-coming Windows 7) and as well as MacOS X comes along with parental control. On top of that even anti-virus , firewall and internet security solution which would do the trick. Parents should starting playing their role instead of just leaving it to the government or to someone else to take care of their children’s pornographic addiction.
Thirdly , even if they start to censor pornographic websites. Its still going to scare investors as they would think twice before investing in Malaysia. They would obviously ask if the government starts to censor pornographic material , what are the odds that they would not censor other materials ?. This could hinder the growth of  economy. For all you may know , investors would be taking out their money and invest it on another country such as Singapore , Thailand , Philippines and even Indonesia. This would be really bad for our country.
Fourthly , it would just make matters worst. A lot of people are going to be unhappy on this and it would just make them to use proxy services to bypass or circumvent this . Imagine you could find tons of proxies to bypass or circumvent blocked sites by simply typing “bypass internet filter” or “bypass school filter”. If you dont believe me , go to Google and key it in and then try to access blocked web-sites or even Youtube or those US-only websites such as Veoh !
Lastly but not least , it contradicts MSC’s Bill of Guarantee whereby there wouldn’t be any kind of Internet censorship. If you would like to read more about MSC Bill of Guarantee , I would suggest you to head up to MSC Site and read all about it. Its better to learn about it . Conclusion – you ask – Its simple – you can’t censor the whole Internet. Uh ha , its a big no go