PC_EFI 10.6 + some goodies

As we all do know that netkas has recently released his version of PC_EFI 10.6 (its basically Chameleon RC3 + netkas’ modifications). But then it lacked of some of the key stuff that I always wanted. The reason why I prefer PC_EFI 10.5 is that I can use it to boot 64-bit kernel on my PC. It does not work with Chameleon RC4 for an odd reason. What I’ve done is that I’ve taken the very best of patches made by rek and put it up together.
Basically it includes whatever netkas has added into PC_EFI 10.6 + couple of goodies such as :-

  • Meklorts GMA EDID patch (it kinda works on some graphics card as well for native EDID detection)
  • 18seven’s Mac Like keys (+ modified by me) – Basically now you could hold ‘3’ and ‘2’ together and it boots into 32-bit. Alt + V into verbose. Basically it gives you the Mac-like feeling instead of typing out ‘-v’ and other stuff out
  • Rekursor‘s restart fix and other goodies (i can’t recall what other fixes that he added , basically I’ve backported few of his fixes from rev 56) . It includes UUID fix , Reboot fix (now you can reboot without the need of additional kexts such as openHaltRestarter.kext)

Its suitable for those who are using ATI Radeon 4xxx series card as Chameleon RC4 does not really work with Radeon cards , but at the same time those who want to have what Chameleon RC4 has to offer and not to mention the newest and greatest stuff. Its fused together to bring out the best what netkas has to offer and not to mention other great guys such as Rekursor has to offer
You may download the source code here and the binaries from here as well. If you are wondering how to install , kindly follow this guide (just scroll down and read on how to install Chameleon manually) . I don’t include any installers and such as I am not a fan of installers. Its best to learn how to DIY yourself.