Maxis10 Reviewers Programme : The Complete How-To

Thought of posting this entire process and some tips on how to apply regarding Maxis10 review program. In this post , basically I’ll be kind enough to walk you through the entire process of applying for Maxis 10 review programme. It was originally inspired by Ein’s post in Malay language. I thought of writing it out in English and not to mention by adding my own tips as well.
Now , let us begin ..*drums roll*.I’ve written it in Q&A form (Questions and Answers) which will make it easier for people to read and to understand as well

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Reflecting upon iPhone 4 & Maxis10 Program

Basically this is my reflective post on what I think about the whole maxis10 program and Maxis iPhone 4 itself. Its my personal thoughts , basically I am reflecting upon the whole event and the whole iPhone 4 general by Maxis. At first I wanted to talk about Jailbreaking , which I’ll do that some time later ! But first let me speak out from my heart
I hope Maxis is happy with the genuine posts that I’ve made with iPhone 4. If you’ve noticed , I am being neutral in sense that I’ve highlighted iPhone 4 strong points and weak points and as well as some points for Maxis to improvise (Please , pretty please Maxis – come up with a plan for iPhone 4 for those who are disabled , its the only phone in the market that has some features such as increasing text size and stuff. No as of this writing and as of Android 2.2 , there is no way to increase the text size/font size). Plus to the viewers , I’ve stated why I like iPhone 4 and which parts it needs improvement.
What I would like to end here is that the whole event itself and how it has transformed me. I’ve met awesome people during the launch event , and not to mention the other #maxis10 users (It would have been great to meet all of the Maxis 10 users , but thanks to FaceTime I’ve managed to meet almost all of them). Meeting people of different background ethnicity , and different background truly symbolizes the 1Malaysia culture (Kudos again to Maxis 10 review program). I’ve learned a lot on how other people use their iPhone , some use it for their social buzz and others well as a gaming device. It has also opened my eyes on the applications which I’ve never used before on my iPhone.’

As for the Maxis10 reviewers program , its a superb program I’ve to say.  Its one of a kind by a mobile service provider in Malaysia whereby asking normal Malaysians to review a new smartphone/product in the Market and giving them their honest feedback. I am trilled and even my friend from the States which their mobile provider had something similar. Lets face it , whats the probability of you (an average blogger) gets a chance to review a mobile phone such as iPhone 4. Its very slim , unless you’re a famous tech blogger then people would contact you. How about small timers ? Well , Maxis10 review program is there. Just try your luck , who knows you might be selected ! Its a good thing that Maxis has turned into social media as social engineering changes the way how we do things. Would you rather believe your friend or an advertisement ? Obviously its the former , that is why social media is a very powerful weapon as we humans tend to trust another human and ask. Afterall , we’re a sociable creature
Plus I would like to thank Miss Fiona Jitab and April Yim for their awesome work. Yes , these two people generally answer all queries regarding #maxis10 review program , debrief us , and help us out if we are facing issues. I would like to sincerely thank them as they are essentially the backbone for this review program. Yes , thank you for entertaining my spam queries 24/7 and replying to them promptly and even offering me suggestions for apps !
Lastly but not least , as for the phone well it was good to have it for 2 weeks. I took care of it like a baby as generally I hate to torture when it was given to me for review purpose. I do know that some people expected to do a rough review like dropping it down from the 10th floor of a building , but sadly when you are given the trust to review something and post it back , you’re expected to take good care of it.
I would like to end this post with a high note for both the event and the iPhone 4 itself. I would recommend you taking a look at both Maxis iPhone 4 and as well as Maxis 10 review program, who knows you could be the very next person . As for the faith of the phone , I am okay with anything (that is either to keep it or that is to give it back to Maxis) , afterall the 2 weeks review period was a lot and I’ve bonded very well with my new iPhone 4 !
PS – I’ll be back talking about OSX , Hackint0sh and other stuff in a while. Got few things which I have to talk about

iPhone 4 Review – The Verdict

It has been 2 weeks since I’ve first gotten my iPhone 4 review unit from Maxis Malaysia (No , its not MAXIS that made Sims , its a cellular corporation in Malaysia). Basically in this post , I would like to sum up and conclude on my experience of the iPhone 4.
Before that let us take a look at few things . Firstly its the upgrade path. To make it easier , I’ll be doing it in bullet form (point form) , which is easier to read. I am not going to be long winded as I am quite sure you are eager to know about it. It would give you a clearer idea on which iPhone set to get and if you should upgrade or not , what are the pros and cons , etc
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iPhone Review Part 4 – Camera and Video

In this part , basically I’ll be focusing on the camera quality and video quality and how these two can be combined to make something useful , which I’ll show you in a while.
As you’ve read in my previous reviews on how iPhone 4 works generally , in this part – I’ll be focusing on the Camera and HD Recording functionality. As we all do know that iPhone 4 camera is somewhat way behind compared to other phone camera , for instance when iPhone 3G was launched in circa 2008 , other phones were already using 5.0 Megapixel with LED Flash. Now in 2010 , iPhone 4 has 5.0 Megapixel camera with LED flash and with HD Recording functionality.
PS –  If you’re looking for a good camera , just get a DSLR (the professional camera) or a good digital camera. Phone cameras are generally mediocre and no doubt iPhone is one of them !
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iPhone 4 Review Part 3 – "Eye for an Eye"

This is the 3rd part of my iPhone 4 review . In this part of the review , we will be looking at FaceTime and few other functionalities of the iPhone 4 , including the Retina display and how it actually performs and applications for the iPhone 4 which is worth saying it out to connivence you to switch to iPhone 4. Oh yeah if you’re wondering why its called an eye for an eye , well I wanted to call it FaceTime for a FaceTime , but then eye for an eye sounds too cliché ! – Thus making me to use that phrase. (More after the jump)
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iPhone 4 Review Part 2 – “Exploring the Unknown Realms”

In the earlier review , we took a look at on how microSIM differs from the regular SIM , the iPhone 4 itself and the whole unboxing process itself. In this part of the review , like I’ve promised. I’ll be tackling some of the issues of the iPhone and not to mention the infamous antennagate problem. On top of that , i’ll be taking a look at an unexplored feature in the iPhone 4. In order for me to write this , I had to do a lot of research and googling to understand.
Nevertheless , lets get started
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iPhone 4 Review Part 1 – "Awakening Of The Beast"

iPhone frenzy , well thats all I would say. No matter where you go , or which part of world you are in. People would give that look. If you’re an iPhone or iPod Touch user or an Apple user , you know what I am talking about. Apple iPhone has completely changed the way how we use our phone. Its more of a social communication device. I mean phones have completely changed. Back then we used phones to place a call , then SMS surpassed that which enables us to send a quick text message whenever calling was not convenient. Then we had Internet on our devices which allowed to get information in real time. Recently , the whole social-sphere has changed the way how we communicate.

Its useless to resist
Its useless to resist - Its the one and only iPhone 4 !

The review will be broken into several parts as like always. In this part , I’ll be looking into the packaging of the iPhone and basically we’ll be taking a closer look on the iPhone 4 itself , including the phone itself , and my feedback on plans in Malaysia and to share a bit experience on getting microSIM.  I’ll be taking another spin this time again , basically trying to make it easier for non-tech and as well as technically inclined people to understand about the iPhone 4 .
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