P1 has enabled port forwarding !

This is great news for those who were ranting on how they could not host their own HTTP and mail server with their P1 WiMax Connection. Oh yeah , not to mention that it causes gamers (xbox 360/playstation 3) a havoc when they weren’t allowed to host game (because of the way of how P1 set it up)
Anyway , Miss Noami from P1 e-mailed us regarding this and she sent the username and password in order to configure port forwarding , DMZ and stuff like that. I’ll be doing a full story on this later but for now , this is the user name and password and the address

Address :
Username : admin
Password : admin123

TmNet 2Mbps/4Mbps Package is Now Nationwide

It seems that TmNet has finally launched their expensive and overpriced 2Mbps and 4Mbps service nationwide in West Malaysia. Well that means for those of you who are carving for 2Mbps or 4Mbps package. Now you have a choice. This is the official announcement which I am cutting and pasting it from here

Kindly be informed that Streamyx 2Mbps & 4Mbps (HSI) is available NATIONWIDE. The HSI packages will be available in selected location (where IPDSLAM resides). Service also will be provisioned based on outcome from technical testing at the point of installation. Packages that available in the system are as per below:
· Streamyx 2.0M (Streamyx Combo) – RM140
· Streamyx 4.0M (Streamyx Combo) – RM160

Firstly , we all do know that streamyx is overpriced and its congested as in a sense that bandwidth is being shared. TMNet also thorttles large bulk traffic such as BitTorrent and even YouTube traffic. From what I’ve heard from a guy who is with TM is that , this packages aren’t capped per username and at DSLAM (like your 512Kbps/1Mbps) , whereby its capped in DSLAM (aka the port) itself. This would be an advantage if you could get persuade the technician to cap at a higher speed. I was told that for 2Mbps package (if the line is good) , you could get capped at 2-3.5 Mbps – meaning that you’ll enjoy a faster speed and as for 4Mbps , you can get it capped up to 8Mbps. It depends how you deal with it
As for are there any differences and is it worth to upgrade. I’l lleave that up to you , read my first part of how to troubleshoot your connection here to check if your line is okay and then ask yourself if you’re sharing the connection with a lot of people or are you a heavy downloader. Most importantly , are you willing to pay for it. The quality of the service is remarkably questionable .
Nevertheless , I’ve signed up for 4Mbps and I’ll let you know the outcome if I am sucessful or not and if possible to see if I can get capped at a higher speed (and if the hypothesis holds true) !

Kudos to P1 & Some Updates

Its been a long time since I’ve touched my blog anyway. I have been busy lately as you most of you guys do know. Anyway, this time – I would like to take this opportunity to praise P1 WiMax on their new feedback system for us Trial users and as well as their new packaging scheme. Well , every week we are required to fill out whats the speed that we get , our latency (ping rates) and hows the speed and so on. I think its a good way for them to collect data and monitor to improvise their service , as I am slowly seeing that they are doing couple of changes based on user-feedback (which is again great , this is because you’re winning users’ hearts over) . One thing that caught my heart is that they clearly ADVERTISE whats the limit that we are allowed to use before ‘fair usage policy kicks in’ (in other words , your speed would be throttled aka your bandwidth would be managed)

New P1 WiMax packages
New P1 WiMax packages- Most importantly the user cap is stated clearly for each of the packages. Its not hidden or typed in very very small font !

One thing though – I do find 5GB is too little for Lite users. Hopefully they do raise the cap to 10GB , this way at least lite users do have a chance as well. Why am I saying this is because updates for Windows , anti-virus definition , new software are getting bigger and bigger by day and I don’t think that 5GB is enough personally. Anyway , its a great move of highlighting the cap , so far this is the first ISP which have ever done so (Shame on you Maxis and Celcom for not stating it clearly in the site.)
Next up , is the feedback form which we have to submit every week or every time when we call up the Customer Care representative. Well I kinda like the whole concept whereby we can share our opinon and give our own feedback to them. As someone who is taking statistics , the data would help a lot for them to determine the pattern and usage behaviour . This is very important to get the sample from a very small population to determine how it would be like for a large population. Anyhow  , let me take a screenshot of how the survey form looks like , so you folks can take a look at it for yourself
The survey thingy - All you have to do is just fill it up !
The survey thingy - All you have to do is just fill it up !

These are great moves (both marketing and strategy wise). I just do hope that they do enable port forwarding/pass through in the modem , that allows P1 WiMax users to host games (especially if you’re a gamer) or to allow applications to link up to the outside world (i.e Torrent applications and so on). This is great especially if you plan to run test web server , php server , game server whereby you want outsiders to connect and tes it all together. Currently its not possible. But I do hope its possible by end of this month !
P.S to P1 WiMax folks – If you’re reading this as well , come up with a package for gamers as well. It would be great , just provide them with the best “route” or “optimised ping times” for them to play online role playing games without any lag !. For gamers , latency is important as opposed to speed.

Troubleshooting your ADSL Connection : Part 1

Every day , whenever I surf the Internet. I do see people complaining that their ADSL connection isn’t stable. They face the blinking DSL Light syndrome problem , frequent disconnection and other funny stuff. Now , if we take a look regionally (in Malaysia), people would just start to blame how bad is streamyx (our ADSL Service). They would just start to scream and call help desk which makes their blood pressure to raise and this could lead to other health problems. Trust me , there is no point of arguing how bad is their line when you don’t have the facts. In this section/part , I’ll be teaching you on how to diagnose your ADSL Connection and what the numbers do mean.
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Stupidity & Corruption

Saw this in the newspaper today. Anyway , let me quote some part of the article for you (if you’re too lazy to read the whole article).

“A Tenaga Nasional Berhad sub-station has been built attached to house No 2 in Jalan 5 and the property was sold to an unsuspecting buyer, R. Muthukrishnan, 36.”
“The house was offered to me at a cheaper rate. When I enquired why, the developer said the person who first booked the property didn’t want it because there was a streetlight nearby,” he told StarMetro.”
“I should have seen the property before signing the Sales & Purchase agreement but why did the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj) issue a Certificate of Fitness for it and why was the loan released?”

Pretty much that sums up the whole story. So a buyer fell for the trap. Now here is my advice to potential buyers for homes. When you want to buy a house and if its going for a really good price (aka cheap) , just do a survey of the place. This is because there is no way a property could just be cheap. It must have its own reason. Just don’t fall for the trap !
Okay , I do feel pity for the buyer in a sense that he was cheated. Now , lets take a look at the other aspect. I am wondering how in the world that they could issue a CF when a sub-station was attached to a house. Now , there is something funny here. Usually the local municipal council , would conduct a survey to determine if the place is safe or not for living before issuing a CF (Certificate of Fitness). Now what concerns me is that how in the world they have approved it. It clearly shows that there are corruption involved in here.  Well , certainly these people just think about profit and profit and profit without concerning about the health and the risk that the sub-station poses to the poor house owner and people that are near to it. Best of all the bank did approve his loan. Now , here we could clearly see that all the bank cares is your money and especially during the current economic crisis .

Not right: Muthukrishnan pointing to the Tenaga Nasional Berhad sub-station attached to his house in Taman Bukit Semenyih. (Source : The Star)
Not right: Muthukrishnan pointing to the Tenaga Nasional Berhad sub-station attached to his house in Taman Bukit Semenyih. (Source : The Star)

So my question is , who should we blame. The house owner for not doing his homework ? The local council for not doing their work properly ? The developer for not checking and planning where to place the power station ? or TNB ? Kindly do discuss and share your opinion on this topic !

Your say on the Second Fiscal Stimulus !

Today, as usual while checking the daily news @ The Star Online site (and not to mention to read the good ol’ newspaper – There is nothing like reading the newspaper the old fashion way). I stumbled across this article , which basically states that the Malaysian DPM (Deputy Prime Minister) has allowed us (malaysians) to voice out our say on the second economy package to boost our economy. Pretty much we can give comments and feedback on how to improvise the service.
So I took this opportunity to comment and to voice out my mumblings and my opinon as life being a student. Its not easy being a student (I know most of you do) , especially living in times like this . So basically , I said hopefully the money could be used to decrease cost-pull inflation which is hurts the consumers such as us. Anyway , what i would like to say is that , you too should voice out your say to our DPM and I would like to take this opportunity to thank our DPM , Y.B Dato’ Najib Tun Razak for using blogs/Internet as a channel to gather ideas from Malaysians who are in the country and as well as  malaysians who are living in other countries

My Comment
My Comment @ Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak's blog

So if you have something to say , then click on this link (its his blog site) and then post your comment there. Who knows, for all you may know his decisions would have been influenced by us the rakyats ! – Do us all a favour and do  your duty as a citizen !

Speeding up YouTube Videos

youtube-logoLately we all do know that sometimes YouTube video takes ages to buffer , as it could be the fact that its being throttled by your ISP , you’re having a slow connection or simply it could mean that you’re doing other stuff or you’re bandwidth is being shared by other application or reasons. Whatever your reasons can be , fear not there is a way of speeding up YouTube videos.
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