Picking the Right Telco in Malaysia

A lot of times , we keep hearing that ‘OMG my telco sucks la’ , ‘expensive la’ , ‘no coverage’ and with the number portability , we have the privilege of keeping our number while switching mobile operators. A lot of people ask , which is the right telco for me , which one should I choose. Here I’ve laid out some steps in picking the right telco in Malaysia.
How to pick the right telco in Malaysia
Assuming you are Telco M and want to port your number to Telco C or Telco D or Telco U (or other way around)

  1. Ask your friends around on how is the coverage of other telco in your area (home and your workplace). This first feedback would pretty much allow you to narrow down which other telco that you can port into.
  2. Once you have found out that which Telco has decent coverage in your place , you now need to do comparison of plans on which plan is suitable for you and what are their offerings for prepaid and postpaid
  3. Once you have settled on the telco and the plan. You’ll have to do one final thing before changing telco and retaining your number

What’s that you ask ? – Simple , just buy their prepaid SIM pack and test it out first in your own phone. This is the best way to test out how well is their Internet services , Voice Quality and coverage. People may say thousand things , there are many factors when deciding a telco – such as your phone , the frequency (spectrum of the telco) , the distance from base station.
Once you have tried their offering and if it is up to your standard , then you would probably want to hop in and bring your number to that telco. If not, you have nothing to lose.
In the coming articles , I would probably write more on this subject especially how telcos in Malaysia are progressing and what is the best prepaid and postpaid plans out there

Guilty until proven innocent

Recently , Evidence (Amendment) (No 2) Act 2012 was passed whereby Internet users (that is you and me)  are held liable for any content posted through their site or device Рwhich simply means that if someone posted something which could be a national threat or a security issue in your blog or facebook for instance , you are held responsible for it. Even if someone uses your WiFi Network and posts something offensive or uploads a classified document , you are held responsible as well . If someone publishes something using your name which you were not aware of , you would be held responsible as well. You could be even charge under the sedition act or even under different acts as well.
Section 114A states that :-

‚Äď a person whose name, photograph or pseudonym appears on any publication depicting himself as the owner, host, administrator, editor or sub-editor, or who in any manner facilitates to publish or re-publish the publication is presumed to have published or re-published the contents of the publication unless the contrary is proved.
‚Äď a person who is registered with a network service provider as a subscriber of a network service on which any publication originates from is presumed to be the person who published or re-published the publication unless the contrary is proved.
‚Äď Any person who has in his custody or control any computer on which any publication originates from is presumed to have published or re-published the content of the publication unless the contrary is proved. (Computer here means any data processing device, including tablets, laptops and mobile phones.)

Source : The Sun
These kind of laws aren’t something new. Let us take an example , if your friend decides to take your car and starts violating the speed limit. It is you that would be charged (the owner of the car) and not your friend – such law exists and this is not something new. My biggest question is about its implementation and how is it being executed – So if you are charged for something that you did not did or if your friend decided to pull a prank. You need to provide evidence that it was not you or otherwise you would be charged. Imagine paraody accounts of Malaysian¬†celebrities¬†or even¬†politicians¬†on twitter as well. Would that mean the actual celebrity would be charged ? What would the implications be ? ¬†I would also like to know if there are such rules in place in other countries , if so how they are being dealt with ?
My  Thoughts 
Let’s take a closer look and let me state my thoughts .I think it would be a step backwards and I am quite sure that some number of bloggers would start moderating comments before they are published or even worst – they might disable comments all together as they do not want to be held accountable. Yes , no dobut if you own a site or something you are responsible for its content , but the question is what if you are not the person who actually¬†committed¬†it , in this case of identity theft. No doubt that identity theft is becoming much more common even in Malaysia , whereby people unknowingly give out their bank account number to scammers (I am quite sure that we have read such cases in newspaper) ¬†. My question and what I would like to know is how the law is going to be used and how is it going to be executed ? What if you are forced to¬†accept the blame even though you know that you did not do it ?
There are lots of questions which I need to seek answer and research and most importantly to get feedback from my fellow readers
My  Advice
Just monitor your blog or your facebook from time to time. Even if you are no longer blogging , try to disable comments or enable moderation (this is applicable if you are an inactive blogger or you plan to take ‘off’). Take a look at the¬†article¬†that you are about to post , make sure that you have sufficient evidence to back up your claims , if not just do not bother posting . If you have WiFi in your place , make sure that it is secured properly , this is true even if you are running a restaurant or providing free wifi services for your customers. Its a good way of learning to take¬†responsibility¬†over your blog/facebook and start learning on how to secure your facebook and your Internet identity as well
I do hope to hear from fellow bloggers on what they are going to do about it. As for me, I am going to a bit of research on this topic and see what I could gather

iPhone Review Part 4 – Camera and Video

In this part , basically I’ll be focusing on the camera quality and video quality and how these two can be combined to make something useful , which I’ll show you in a while.
As you’ve read in my previous reviews on how iPhone 4 works generally , in this part – I’ll be focusing on the Camera and HD Recording functionality. As we all do know that iPhone 4 camera is somewhat way behind compared to other phone camera , for instance when iPhone 3G was launched in circa 2008 , other phones were already using 5.0 Megapixel with LED Flash. Now in 2010 , iPhone 4 has 5.0 Megapixel camera with LED flash and with HD Recording functionality.
PS – ¬†If you’re looking for a good camera , just get a DSLR (the professional camera) or a good digital camera. Phone cameras are generally mediocre and no doubt iPhone is one of them !
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HSBB (Malaysia) Details

I was lurking in lowyat today and found this article on HSBB project in Malaysia. It was posted in a message board. So thought of posting it here in my blog and as well as discussing my opinion about it . You can check it out here for more details . I would like to take this opportunity to credit Razer1911 and xts of lowyat.net for sharing this information

Detailed Information on HSBB rollout

HSBB is coming soon ! - Thats right folks

Click on the photo to enlarge and do have a look at this as well

So the main question is can TM deliver its promise. Generally we all do know that Broadband in Malaysia tend to suck. Even new ¬†companies , at first when they roll out. it would be certainly great , but sooner or later – it would start to go downhill as they get more and more users to sign up for their services. This leads to overselling , ISPs tend to do this in order for them to maximise their profit and to cover up their investments.Now when we are talking about HSBB , we are talking about high-speed broadband , speeds up to 1Gbps. This is great to enable content providers to make use of the bandwidth to deliver HDTV content and such (Let’s face it ASTRO in Malaysia sucks and everyone knows it). That’s the good side , but the question is TM is capable of delivering customers.
At first , they may able to deliver it , but then once more and more customers start to make use of HSBB , can it be really called HSBB ? . What are the efforts that TM has taken to make sure that everyone gets a fair slice of the pie ? How about Local bandwidth ? I wouldn’t mind to have 1Gbps for local links , as it makes transferring pretty easy from one place to another place. Plus its possible for us to host servers within our homes , thus making sharing large files easier. Of course this would in-directly result in servers which may host copyrighted materials. Anyhow , what are your thoughts on HSBB

TM's new package discrimination policy

Well it seems that TM is offering “good IPs” to its premium users (which is good news for me as I am a 4Mbps streamyx user) which is 218.111.x.x. For the first time in my life , I am getting 218.111.x.x IP. It was impossible for me to get this IP before , trust me – all I would be getting is 118.100.x.x , 115,.x.x.x, 124.13,x,x . Now all of a sudden I am getting good IP with good speeds for most of the International links such as to US ! It seems that TM is now¬†practicing¬†, price/service discrimination , the more you pay , the better the service would be. As in if you upgrade to 4Mbps/2Mbps , they would serve you better , as in giving you a new and better IP range. This issue was brought up by a MP in¬†Parliament¬†, if you want to take a look at it , then click on this link (it takes you to YouTube anyway). But again , this question¬†remained¬†unanswered.
So what concerns me most is that why TM is doing such a thing to 1Mbps/512Kbps/384Kbps users ? Is it because that they pay less so that they deserve to get a not-so good IP address or is it simply because that these class of users are commonly using the Internet to download copyrighted material via peer-to-peer networks such as Bit-Torrent. Only TM knows the truth. If you take a look for 4Mbps/2Mbps users , such as myself Рlimiting IP address allocation is kind of dangerous as in now your IP address allocation are limited.  There is an on-going discussion over here in lowyat.net . As for the speed of this newly allocated IP address , it seems to be pretty goof for US links as I am finally able to get 80%-90% of the subscribed speed for US sites
If you take a look , its amazing that I can 4Mbps for US sites. This shows that TM does indeed have the potential of giving good speeds to its customers.¬†Unfortunately¬†, due to the fact that they monopolize landlines , we would just have to¬†accept¬†whatever that they throw to us (You may want to talk about change and other alternative ISPs , but the only so-far which seems to be good is P1 – however that its wireless and the speed isn’t consistent at all)

Streamyx's New TOS

Firstly let me quote on the latest Streamyx’s Terms & Condition and later we will do the analysis (a.k.a “The Talking)

xv. Streamyx download and upload speed is guaranteed for local content access only. TM is not responsible for the low speed of either download or upload of international content access.
Source : http://www.streamyx.com.my/get_streamyx/get_streamyx.php?id=getstreamyx_package_Details 

So there you go folks. TM is not responsible if your download speeds are very slow when you access International links. In other words , you’ll be enjoying fast local link speeds ONLY. Your cries are in vain ¬†– This is because lets face it. You’ll be calling their toll free number , ranting to them on how slow is their International link speed and you were unable to play your World of Warcraft with your US buddies or you got kicked out of your guild because of your crappy connection. Chances are , TM would just simply ignore it or just give you a¬†standardized¬†answer saying that their International links do have problems. Its the typical same ol’ excuse that we have been hearing for a very long time. Beating around the bushes , and giving the same excuse
What is it for us consumers ? Well we can’t really exercise our rights as TM¬†monopolizes¬†the whole landline broadband industry. They have the rights to adjust the price and the quality of broadband which they would like to supply. They could either over-sell it and still make a profit out of it or they could just simply increase the price and still make a profit out of it. Either way , they gain and we consumers , do lose out. I do agree that there are some advantages of monopoly such as helping the poor and needy (for instance , TM offers RM 20/44 package for those who can’t afford to fork out a lot of money for Internet as opposed to other providers (i.e P1 , Maxis) whereby their monthly¬†commitment¬†fees start from RM 60+) . But it does have a lot of disadvantages , I am sure you could list down all the disadvantages.
Basically , we’re pretty much screwed as there is no law in Malaysia that protects us (basically MCMC states that you must at least get 80% of the advertised speed for local links) ¬†, the only way that we could express our thoughts is by visiting our Prime Minister’s blog and maybe give some suggestions or make our cries heard. Who knows – Our broadband might improve after that as I do see that our Prime Minister responds to some of our cries and trying his best along with his cabinet to form a better Malaysia ! I do think improving broadband connectivity here in Malaysia also should be one of his agenda –¬†I’m¬†sure it would make Malaysia proud !

P1 WiMax Wiggy Review (Part 1)

This time its not their latest review which is on their Wiggy – the portable wimax .P1 guys are being nice with the bloggers as in giving bloggers and forumers alike to test out their device and share our thoughts. In this part , we will be taking a look at how the device looks like and how it feels (as in its looks and “aesthetic values” )
First things first , Wiggy (a cool name indeed)  as you see below (the size).

Its pretty small and it fits in the pocket - Its not bulky at all. Click on the picture to have a closer look at it !

I am holding it and its pretty slim !
"Look ma , it fits in my hand" - That is how I would describe it - Put it in the pocket and connect to any PC and voila you have your own personal Internet Service ! *provided if you're within P1's coverage area*

Connected to my netbook – Wow , its like 1/4 of the size of my netbook
When its connected to my Fujitsu U1010 - Its just handy. Netbook + P1 Wiggy = Road Warrior

For the sake of comparing with something. I’ve taken another photo which compares the size of the old modem with the new one. I’ll leave the maths to you to calculate which one is easier to carry around !
Words can't describe it - Just click on the picture , do the maths and do your own comparison !

Anyway , the modem itself works automagically with Windows XP/Vista/7 , whereby it installs the drivers and sets it up automatically. All you have to do is hit the connect button. Now that is what I call it simple. I was bit disapointed when there were no drivers for Linux and Mac (For your information I am a Mac user myself !) , but however I was told by the great staffs of P1 that drivers would be out for Mac/Linux somewhere in Q2/Q3 2009. So Mac users , don’t worry as we still do have a chance to use this device once the drivers are out !
Apart from that I believe that plug-n-play-n-forget makes it easier for grandma and grandpa to surf the Internet and not to mention an average Malaysian to use the Internet. In the next part , Before I end my first part of the review , in the next part. Let us take a look at how it performs on real-life senarios , such as speed-tests and stuff like that. The first part of the review (just like my old P1 WiMax Review) basically talks about the device itself ! The next part , we will be taking a look at the setup part , speed-tests and its performance. So do stay tuned for it !

Earth Hour – My Thoughts

It seems that everyone is going crazy over this earth hour thingy whereby you’ll have to turn off your lights for an hour from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm . Nice concept but the execution seems to be bit of more into commercialism¬† – in sense of calling celebrities , sending out adverts to turn off the lights. My question is how in the world its going to reduce global warming in a day. People in Malaysia (and I believe around the world) are going crazy about this. I see this as a competition and for me , it seems that Malaysia wants to be in the list again proudly boasting that its possible to do so (just for a day). Thus reminding me of the space program which they did recently. I believe that such money could be put into better use – and most importantly for the welfare of the society especially in the rural area of Malaysia and such ! Don’t get me wrong , I am just expressing my thoughts on Earth Hour. I am not against it nor in favor of Earth Hour !
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