RM 20 to watch a Hollywood film ? You gotta be kidding

That’s right folks. It seems that our local Malaysian Film Producers Association want us to pay more to watch Hollywood Films. Their reason is basically was to protect local film industry claiming that they were underperformed  and people didn’t want these films. You may want to read the full story here .
So whats my view you ask ? – Lets see , piracy would increase. Even if its approved , people would buy RM 5 DVD (that’s around USD$1 for a DVD) to watch at their homes instead of watching it at cinema.  So you’ll be losing audience , plus local movies aren’t so great. They used to be great in back then during the P.Ramlee era but now just take a look at it. Its the same ol’ story and certain movies are pretty much a replica of western movies but with local touches. So , doesn’t this move (if it gets approved by the cabinet) contradicts their stance on wiping piracy ? This is dumb

RM 20 in price - That is madness. (Original Picture)

Now , the President of the association said that in Indonesia , there is such policy. But let me tell you this , Indonesia produces quality movies. Just ask about any one and most likely most of us would be watching Indonesia drama such as “Bawang merah and Bawang putih” rather then our local home-made drama. Why ? It is because it has a good storyline and it isn’t that crappy as our local dramas. Plus the actor and actresses are hot and good looking too. The main thing people are looking for is storyline. Plus I am not into a replica of movie of super action movies such as Cicakman (Yes I saw the first one but it seems to be a replica of Spider-man).
If our local flim industry wants to compete , they should come up with a good storyline that revolves a life of an average Malaysian. Just take a look around us , how many of us are suffering from the current economy crisis ? Inflation ? . Why don’t they come up with something like that rather then mumbling and ranting saying that local film industry can’t complete. Protecting them would only make things worst and not improvise things. I would only agree if they want to increase the price if there are many good films as we have seen in P.Ramlee era such as Bujang Lapok , Ali Baba & 40 penyamun. Unfortunately , P.Ramlee‘s Talent is lost and I am a big fan of his movies as I love the way how he acts . Now that’s something that you can’t find in today’s  talent
So what do you think about this move ? How does it place an effect on you ? Will you be going to buy pirated DVDs/download after this or will you opt to watch local films instead to kill your time ? Feel free to comment about it and do share your views as well