Who's Watching the Watchdogs

Disclaimer : This information here is not to defame anyone but rather pointing out the flaws that people do make. Take it in a positive manner
Recently , LulzSec (the same guys who were behind SONY Picture , PBS and few other sites ) have hacked into a porn site. Yes , a porn site (of all other sites). They managed to get the username/password combination of a porn site called pron.com
There is something interesting , when they published the username/password combination Рsome of the e-mail addresses that they use to subscribe for their pron are .gov.my email address (yes there are few .gov address , but thats not our main cocern). Once again , we are in the spotlight

Whoops - Its a .gov.my e-mail address

Upon a closer inspection done by one of my friend , joshuatly . He found out that the first guy is some chap from MCMC.
My question is who is really watching them . I mean why such people have to smear our country’s name by watching porn by using an official .gov.my e-mail address ? . How are we suppose to move forward and lead an example to the rest of the developing nation.
What are your thoughts on this ? What actions should be taken against people who actually use their official government e-mail address to register for porn sites ? How should these be regulated ? Please share your thoughts
Credit : Joshuatly for tweeting this and posting it up on his twitter.