KL Tower's Official Website was hacked

If you visit http://www.menarakl.com.my (Menara , pronounced as Men/ah/ra – which stands for Tower in Malay).

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Oh No - Its hacked

You’ll see something like this

Guess someone did hack official Menara KL website and its such a shame that the Webmasters of Menara KL did not notice it nor replace it as soon as possible. Guess the webmaster didn’t even notice that the site was hacked. I am pretty strange on what the guys are doing or how they did manage to setup.I’ve seen some lazy webmasters and network admins who would just simply an old version of IIS or Apache and wouldn’t even bother to patch up or misconfigure it. I am sure its their job to protect the site from attacks and replace it with a backup as soon as possible if there is an attack. I’m ashamed (as a Malaysian) , that they didn’t fix the web-site on time. Suppose a tourist wants to check out whats Menara KL all about and if he/she visits this site , I mean what they would think of our country. First impression counts , especially during this time whereby its important ¬†for our country to attract as much as visitors as possible. Web-sites such as Menara KL are the ones that tourist would look for , before they plan their journey
So I do hope that Web-master or the Administrators of the site , fix as soon as possible. Its vital for our nation as its a symbolic for Kuala Lumpur and for Malaysia as well !