Tip : Troubleshooting Random Kernel Panics

Most of the time , I get e-mails from folks on how to troubleshoot a kernel panic which occurs all of a sudden. I am not talking about pre-boot ones but the kernel panics which occurs in the middle of OSX. You’ll get the fancy Please reboot your PC screen. But that does not help in troubleshooting or find the root problem – especially if you want to troubleshoot sleep related problem. I’m talking about OSX insomnia !
To do this , its very simple – all you have to do is
1. (Re)Boot your PC
2. When you’re in the Chameleon menu (aka when count down starts) hit Tab once
3. Then type (without quotes) “debug=0x144” or “debug=0x14e” . This will give you a traceback which is useful for you on understanding what is causing the kernel problem. Once you’ve found the cause you may then seek in forums on how to rectify it