Good News to Mobile Core i5/i7 and Intel HD Users

As we all do know that recently Apple has updated their MacBook Pro lines once again – this time with Core i5-M , Core i7-M and as well as Intel HD Graphics. What means for laptop users (those who bought Core i5/Core i7 laptops with Intel HD Graphics).
It means that your laptop is capable of running OSX 10.6 , but wait – just not yet. Currently we don’t have (well I) the requirded stuff from these new MacBook Pros yet. So basically in order for me to make an Empire EFI disc for these new laptops , we’ll be needing the new kernel , new kexts and new framework from this new laptop. Bear in mind , Apple is using a special build of OSX 10.6.3 for these new laptops – which means that OSX 10.6.4 upgrade should GIVE Mobile Core i5 /i7 and IntelĀ  GMA HD Users a near vanilla system – provided that your laptop uses the same chipset as these MacBook Pros
More to come , I’ll be getting my hands dirty once again to look out for the source and to come up with a new EmpireEFI disc for Core i5/Core i7 users. This is it people , embrace yourself !