Rejoice Intel VE 10/100 Users ! (Snow Leopard)

Well I’ve decided to compile the kext and polish it up for Intel VE 10/100 Users. Generally , you can’t get Intel VE 10/100 to work with Snow Leopard as apple decided to drop support for it. It totally makes sense as none of the real macs use this adapter. Anyway, quite a number of people who are still using Intel 945P board and some variants of Intel 915P/G board and Intel 965 boards do have this adapter onboard.
Of course you can get this card to work by using an older IONetworkingFamily.kext , but thats not vanilla. what I’ve come up with is a Vanilla solution. That’s right , its for Intel VE 10/100 (or common known as Intel 855x Intel). To use it , you must be using OSX 10.6.x and above. This kext will only work in 32-bit kernel mode (not in pure 64-bit , it kinda works in 64-bit except that it just stays disconnected even if you plug the cable in).
You may download the kext by clicking here . After you’ve downloaded it you may place the kext either in /System/Library/Extensions or /Extra/Extensions or your EFI partition. It depends on your method of installation. If you want to stay as vanilla as possible , i would highly recommend you to stick the kext in /Extra/Extensions or your EFI Partition. You’ll have to rebuild your kextcache (or use pfix if you are not sure how). Reboot ! – Go to System preferences and you should see that it has found your adapter !