Sending Free International SMSes with Google Voice

The more reasons for me to stick with Google Voice. Today I’ve discovered that its possible to send and receive International SMSes with a Google Voice number. Best of all its free of charge. So for those of you who are looking for a way to send free International SMSes to ¬†your buddies from other countries. Look no further – Google Voice is here for the rescue. Yep thats right , it seems that Google is not charging a cent (at this time) for sending SMSes to International numbers. Its handy though if you want to save $$$$ on your text messaging rate , if you have unlimited data. Thanks to programs such as GV Mobile for iPhone its entirely possible. I have the picture attached so that you can take a look at it on how it works. Both sides

Screen shot 2009-08-29 at 4.12.00 PM
My conversation with my very own mobile phone (aka to myself) via Google Voice. Click on the picture to have a larger view. Notice how Google stores your SMS messages

This is how it looks like on the desktop. Typing SMSes couldn’t be this easy. You can send unlimited SMSes to your pals and make full use of it. Pretty neat by Google though. Now you could mass SMSes to your friends if you plan to do send SMS. Anyhow , I am bit surprised that Google did allow its user to do this. its surprising and its indeed great. Oh , you could even sync your phone contacts with Google servers and then you can just send sms it that way. It would be much more easier
This is how it looks like from my iPhone. Generally , people think that your Google Voice number is an actual mobile phone. They could give you call or simply reply to your SMSes

So if you haven’t tried Google Voice yet. Do give it a shot. Its currently an invite only program which requires you to be in United States of America and you’ll have to own a phoneline in order to do so. However there some workarounds that you could try to get your Google Voice account. Do read about it here Personally , I wouldn’t be using it to send SMSes to Malaysia or to International numbers , as personally I wouldn’t want to abuse such services.