How to get traffic with 'XML-RPC ping'

First of all , we all do know that WordPress just kicks-butt. Its one of the coolest blogging software that I’ve ever used. One thing that most of us wouldn’t take it for granted is WordPress does include a nifty feature which is also known as XML-RPC Ping. I know it sounds too geeky and technical , but its a great tool.
Trust me on that one , it would seriously get you a couple of visitors and readers for your blog if you do have good content in it or if you have something that you would like to share it with other folks . Its a nice way to get traffic without doing anything. All you have to do is just post and then forget about it. Well , its not like you have to click advertisements or register through some sites and get referral to get traffic. Its just for lazy folks such as myself and it doesn’t even hurt your blog at all.
Well what are you waiting for then – Just click on read more and do get some information about it !
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