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ASUS RT-14UHP Wireless Router Giveaway

In conjugation with the spirit of Merdeka , I am  giving away an ASUS RT-14UHP Wireless Router for free (worth RM 289) and also 10% discount on ASUS RT-14UHP purchases – which is made possible to the great people at ASUS Malaysia 

  • Lag when you play DOTA ?
  • Poor WiFi ?
  • Spending too much $$$ on electricity bill for leaving your PC 24/7 to torrent ?

If you have answered all of it as a yes (or not). Then uh , step right up to the giveaway.


Quick Summary 

 Ulasan Pendek 

The ASUS RT-N14UHP is one of a kind of router that is meant to replace your existing UniFi/Maxis Fibre Wireless Routers. I mean if you do a simple Google search , you’ll notice the amount of complain. The beauty of the router is that it’s huge antennas , a USB Port (which you can use it to run it as a torrent server or file server) and also the Quality of Service functionality (which allows you to play games without lag while downloading – you may read about it here) –

Also if you are interested to see how the router is in action. I have done a video review in Malay (yep it’s the first time – thanks to Aman Firdaus for giving the inspiration)

I am also doing a write-up review in English on the router and explain some of the functionality as well) – for those who prefer to read.


How To Win

Cara-Cara Untuk Memenangi Router ini

I have made it straight forward and easy to win. It takes no effort at all. Just simply follow the widget and do what it says !


You want this ? Yep go for it !

Nak memang … senang aje , itu kat bawah ni , ikut je arahan 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The giveaway will start 1st September 2014 (0000 hours) up to 21st September 2014 (0000 hours) (+8 GMT -Malaysian time). One (1) winner would be randomly selected (for the grand prize)

For the runner up , entries will be judged based on creativeness , and participation (i.e posting up comments , tweeting about #BoostMyNetwork on how ASUS could).


Terms and Conditions

Syarat-Syarat Penyertaaan

**This campaign is opened to all Malaysian citizens above 18 years old**

1.The campaign begins on the 1st of September 0000 hours and until September 21st 2014 0000 hours (+8 GMT Malaysian time)

2. The item can be given in hand or also sent via courier (if you are not residing in Klang Valley or unable to make it)

3. The winner must snap a picture of himself/herself holding the router

4. Once the winner is picked after the contest is over , he/she must be contactable within 24 hours. Otherwise , we would pick the next person in the line.

5. The Discount Coupon for Runners-Up is only applicable and redeemable at certain participating dealers only.

6. You may tweet/post comments in either Malay or in English

Good Luck !


Special Thanks

Also thank you to the great people in ASUS Malaysia for making it possible

[Giveaway] Game of your choice

The great folks over at Cheap Digital Download, decided to sponsor a giveaway and I’m trilled to host it. We are giving you a chance to take your pick. That’s great , any game that you want from never-ending list of collection in Cheap Digital Download. If you’re that lucky winner , that particular game is yours !


Who knows ,  you could probably walkaway with the latest AAA title out there for your PC , that you always wanted to but couldn’t able to afford it

More after the jump 🙂

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[Giveaway]Free Magazine Subscriptions and Holiday Promotions from Zinio

Ho Ho Ho – I am  your santa/father   pleased to announce that the kind folks over at  Zinio is very kind enough to giveaway 9 subscriptions to my readers which I’ll describe shortly on how you could win yourself one. Secondly , Zinio is having awesome holiday promotions whereby you could even win yourself an iPad Mini.

Zinio Logo 120 x 60 px

For those of you who have not heard of  Zinio,  well  they are one of the largest online newsstands and bookstores, with thousands of digital titles from around the world available for reading – right from Readers Digest to Elle  . The beauty of it is that you could download in on your iPad/Android Tablets such as Nexus 7/10 and read while you are on the move. Plus you are going green as well (which is another reason why I like Zinio). On top of that , the Explore section lets you to read thousands of article for free (yep , you do not need a subscription for it).


Here are some of the awesome promotions which I think you should not miss.


Holiday Sale Part II


Hurry up – It Ends on the 7th of January 2013 . You get 50% off on all their top 350 magazines , which is totally worth every cent that you pay!


My Zinio Holiday Sweepstakes (Psst – You may win an iPad Mini)


It Ends on the 7th of January 2013 as well . There are 3 iPad mini to give given away. All you have to do is submit a picture of your favorite device and where you would use it to read Zinio. Easy isn’t it ? Click on the link to check out the details . Oh yes , the sweepstakes is only opened to legal residents of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 


Zinio Subscription Giveaway 

Once again , I am very thankful to the great folks over at Zinio who provided me with 10 FREE full subscriptions to my readers and it is opened to all of my readers. Keep in mind that I would be taking up one , and the rest of the 9 subscriptions will be given to my readers. You’ll be getting the subscription for magazine of your choice and it is opened to everyone who resides in every single part of this world !


Cool…so how  do we enter ?

1. Just post a comment here stating your interest (i.e which magazine subscription that you would prefer). For the entire list , please check out Zinio

2. Just keep your fingers crossed ! (Some say that you’ll have do run around in circles to increase your chances of winning. I’m not sure , but just give it a shot)

3. ?????

4. PROFIT ! (if you are the chosen one)


So…How are  the winners selected ? 

Simple , I’ll be using Random.org to pick the winners. If you are the chosen ones , you’ll be contacted. Please keep in mind that you are REQUIRED TO PROVIDE YOUR FIRST NAME AND LAST NAME when you are contacted.


Terms & Conditions (The Legal stuff)

  • It is opened to everyone  (no country restrictions) 
  • The Winner’s name along with the Random Sequence would be published publicly.
  • Suppose if the winner is not contactable within 48 hours after the draw , a new winner would be selected
  • You need to ensure that your are contactable. Be sure to include your valid e-mail address and if possible include your First Name and your Last Name in the comments section. Alternatively you may use a nickname and I would contact you to gather your details 
  • THIS CONTEST WOULD RUN FROM 29th December – 5th January 2012 
  • 1 entry per participant (If it is found that you have cheated , you would be DISQUALIFIED) 


Privacy Policy

As a computer science graduate and as a blog owner , I know I hate spams and I treasure your data as well . So please kindly read our Privacy Policy on how we collect data and how we store them. For winners , basically I would collect your e-mail address ,first name and last name


and……*May the Force Be With You*

Good luck !



I would like to thank the great folks over at Zinio for providing my readers my a chance to win a subscription of their choice. I also would like to acknowledge that I would be be taking up a subscription that was given to my readers personally for my own use.