Fixing Facebook Slowdown in Malaysia

HeHeHunter , a good friend of mine have come up with a solution on how to fix Facebook slowdowns in Malaysia. The solution is pretty simple , basically it involves changing of facebook to another server.
Picture taken from philippe-creations

You may wonder why the slowdown ? Its simple , you need to know a bit of fundamentals on how computer connects to another computer (or server). Basically when you type in your address bar. Your browser will send it to your DNS Server (which acts like Internet White Pages)  which will get the IP Address (Phone Number) of the nearest server.  Currently the server which our DNS points to is having some issues. It seems that there is a Facebook Mobile server in Malaysia , basically a mirror. We’ll be using this server as our main facebook server. Since the server is hosted in Malaysia itself , it would be way faster !
I recommend you to check his blog out. Anyway , to spice up things on how to edit Hosts file on *nix (This includes Linux/Mac). I’ve added this extra section which I believe HeHeHunter failed to include this. If you are on Windows , once again just follow his guide. But if you are new UNIX user  (Ubuntu , SuSE , etc) or MacOS X user and feeling geeky , try this alternative approach (more after the jump)
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